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Established in 1978, the first Timezone Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) opened in Perth, Western Australia. Unlike the traditional pinball parlors and pool halls of the era, Timezone was the first family oriented video amusement facility. This family emphasis is still a key focus of the brand today. Following its success in Australia, Timezone group of FEC went international in 1995. Today, Timezone has established strong foothold in more than 200 locations, operating in Australia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. In Singapore, Timezone has become the leader in the interactive games industry with 20 outlets around the island. The Timezone experience is ever changing and growing to stay abreast of entertainment trends. Presented with the up-market fit-out, a bright, colorful and cozy ambience is created for family entertainment. Customers get to win fabulous prizes from the extensive range of unique and branded quality products from its prize counters. Equipped with the latest and hottest games, Timezone offers its customers from all walks of life a truly fun-filled experience.

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