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nEbO Hub @ AMK Hub is a youth themed cafe with design, food and features that are aimed at the youth. It provides internet facilities, board games, nEbO merchandise, a youth bulletin board and a multi-purpose room for movie screenings/events.


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Overall Rating 
Decided to pop by here for a quick snack with my friends while waiting for a movie to start. After which, I made a mental note to never step in there again.

We ordered some wedges, fries and drinks. To our disappointment, the food wasn't good, we have definitely tried better ones elsewhere for a better price. We even thought that McD's fries are better. At that point, we felt like we could have just went to the basement and grab some other food instead. What a waste of our calories!

The ambience wasn't cozy and for some odd reason, it was really quiet which made us quite uncomfortable as we didn't dare to laugh too loudly so we won't disturb other customers. They also allow people to rent board games here to play but we didn't get to try it due to time constraints. I doubt i'd ever try it anyway.
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Food aside, the rest is fine
Overall Rating 
Came here while waiting for the movie to start on a Saturday afternoon. The space bright and not cramped like some other game cafe I have been to. The selection of the games are fine as other cafe. What I like it here was the flexibility to just eat or play and eat and also the promotions deals.

We tried the waffles and some pasta. Well I cannot expect too much as it was done by youngsters that probably has not got much cooking experience but for that standard to pay like Pastamania, its a little over priced for me. I wonder how did the youths afford to chill out here after I received the bill. Once a while, this could still be a nice place to bond with your family over games.

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Perfect place for youths to chill.
(Updated: November 22, 2012)
Overall Rating 
I've heard many of my friends raving about Nebo and went to try it out myself along with my other pals. Although I've only been there once, I must say this place is awesome!

The prices for food are reasonable especially if you are a member. Even if you're not, the cost will not be expensive enough to burn a hole in your pocket. Plus, they are actually quite delectable! I tried the baked rice there and it was rather palatable.

The best part of Nebo? Board games! Nebo provides a myriad of boardgames for their customers, like Uno and chess. I had such a wonderful time laughing along with my friends while we tried on various boardgames, all for free!

Nebo also has a cozy and warm atmosphere, which provided an even more pleasant experience for me. This is definitely the place to try out if you and your circle of friends need a new place to chill out, or just have honest heart to heart talks for hours.

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Board games
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good hangout
(Updated: October 17, 2012)
Overall Rating 
Located on the 4th floor of AMKHub beside the Cathay Cineplex, Nebo is a cafe which screams "YOUTH" to all who pass by. It is a simple looking cafe with good set meals starting from $7. I ordered their nachos and an egg mayo sandwich on panini bread. While waiting, we were informed that we could help ourselves to any board game which was complimentary for 2 hours. Looking through their variety of games available, I was sufficiently impressed. I counted more than 30 games available, all of which were designed to help you while the hours away.

When my food arrives, I was already in the midst of an engaging game of Risk. The nachos were plentiful, although the cheese on them was ice-cold. This was simply disappointing. The egg mayo sandwich fared slightly better, with the panini bread being exceptionally soft. I would recommend this place as a good hangout, but do not expect too much from the culinary side.
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friends gathering
(Updated: October 17, 2012)
Overall Rating 
Nebo has been in the ang mo kio hub for a few years now so i am surprised to see no reviews about this restaurant. I was there with 4 friends for a dinner gathering and we decided to try nebo since one of us had a coupon card.

I love the cozy atmosphere of the place. It felt like a smaller version of Mind Cafe. The food served was good, some of us had pasta and some of us had baked rice. Another interesting factor was the board games they had which we did not help ourselves to because we were too busy catching up. Catching up is important!

I love the fact that this restaurant has ice cream as well. We stayed there for a long time because we ordered a sundae of 6 ice cream and stuffed ourselves full. However, the choice of ice cream is limited which i feel is slightly disappointing and could be improved on.
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