Chestnuts 50

J September 16, 2018
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Chestnuts 50

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The Chestnuts team's signature style is mashing up recent headlines with popular musical numbers.

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A Beautifully Blasphemous Play
Overall Experience 
Written and directed by Jonathan Lim, Chestnuts 50 was a witty parody performed in celebration of SG50. Anchored by just 5 actors namely: Joshua Lim, Faizal Abdullah, Judee Tan, Dwayne Lau and Jonathan Lim, the 3-hour performance managed to leave the audience in hysterical laughter for most of the show.

Mocking significant happenings of the year such as the City Harvest scandal and the Jubilee Baby Gift Scheme, the script was well-written and extremely well-executed. The play undoubtedly included some crude content that was censored by the Media Development Authority (MDA) such as a whole segment on Amos Yee.

Some highlights of the performance include a spoof of both The LKY Musical and Singapura. Displaying incredible vocal and physical stamina, the 5 actors were successful in captivating the audience and managed to avoid over-playing the comedy. Chestnuts is a not-so-family-friendly but light-hearted annual performance for those who can take a joke!

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