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M January 07, 2016
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Seletar Dam, or Yishun Dam, is a scenic lookout located nearby Seletar Aerospace Park. Popular among residents up North during the night time, Seletar Dam is often the location for picnics, barbeques and casual chilling by families and groups of friends.

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The budget seaview for residents up North
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The Yishun Dam has become quite popular only recently, with several listicles online presenting it as a ‘hidden gem’ of this sleepy estate.

Many posts have claimed it to be accessible only by car, but this is not the case! You can take buses 103 or 117 to bus stops ‘Aft Yishun Ave 8’ or ‘Bef Yishun Ave 8’, and it would just be a quick 3 minute walk away. The area on which people can sit or walk on is extremely spacious and also well-lit, making dinners, barbeques, and picnics are clean and non-messy affair. It is very breezy as well, making Yishun Dam the perfect place to chill. The cars passing by may get a little grating though, but they soon fade into the ambience and you would barely notice them.

With its increasing popularity, Yishun Dam may soon be losing its ‘ulu’ charm, so quickly give this chill place a visit!

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