Spatial Is An Affordable Co-Working Space With Cheap Hourly Rates For Students From $2.40

Spatial co-working space

For some of us, studying or working at home may not be the most productive option. Going to the library or a cafe may be a solution until the staff starts side-eyeing you for parking yourself at a seat for too long. Well, thank goodness for co-working spaces, then. 

Situated in heartland areas, Spatial offers working spaces from as low as $2.40/hour and has 4 outlets across the island. In addition to having comfortable furniture and amenities to enhance your productivity, you’ll also have access to free-flow refreshments. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

Individual desks & meeting rooms

Booking a study or working space entitles you to a spacious table that can accommodate all your study gadgets – whether it’s your arsenal of colourful pens or your trusty laptop for rapid-fire typing to complete assignments.

There are also 24″ monitors to which you can connect your laptop FOC.
Image credit: Spatial: Woodlands via Google Maps

Their tables are also height-adjustable. So, if you’ve been sitting for too long and need to stretch your legs, you can easily switch things up and continue working while standing.

Spatial at Toa Payoh Central.
Image credit: Spatial: Toa Payoh via Google Maps

Apart from individual tables, there are meeting rooms available that can fit up to 10 pax for those who have jio-ed their entire study squad. These rooms are equipped with whiteboards and a TV, providing the perfect setup to facilitate your meetings, discussions, and brainstorming sessions.

Access to free snacks, drinks & a printer

Besides having workstations that are built to be conducive, Spatial also has office equipment such as power sockets at every table, reliable WiFi connection, and printers you can use at no extra cost.

Image credit: Spatial: Woodlands via Google Maps

To keep your focus intact, Spatial has a mini pantry with complimentary snacks like cup noodles and biscuits, coffee, and tea to keep you fuelled throughout your study session.

But if you’re craving a substantial meal, feel free to store your belongings in their lockers and take a short stroll to nearby stores or coffee shops to dabao food. For instance, if you’re at their Jurong outlet, a mere 10-minute walk will lead you to Jem’s Don Don Donki, where you can grab a few trays of sushi or a bowl of donburi.

Student rates from $2.40/hour

The tables are thoughtfully spaced apart, ensuring you have the privacy you need for an efficient study sesh.
Image credit: Spatial: Hougang via Google Maps

For students, simply show your student pass to enjoy cheaper rates. The hourly rate to rent a space is $2.40/hour. But if you’re planning a major study marathon, you can consider booking a 6-hour block for $10.80, or 12 hours for $20

For those who are planning to make Spatial a permanent study spot, you can grab the all-access pass for $195 and enjoy 300 hours of working time across all 4 outlets.

Image credit: Spatial: Woodlands via Google Maps

Alternatively, the meeting rooms are available for $12.90/hour. And if the workload seems never-ending, you can opt for the 4-hour or 12-hour booking options at $45 and $119 respectively.

You can chope a secluded corner in the room for maximum work efficiency.
Image credit: Spatial: Woodlands via Google Maps

Adults seeking a place to work in peace can book a space from $3.50/hour. But you can’t possibly conquer your workload in just an hour or a single day in a week, right? Consider the value-for-money packages from $90/month for 40 hours, where you’ll get the flexibility to pop in and work efficiently whenever it’s your WFH day.

Head to Spatial for your next working or study sesh

Image credit: Spatial: Hougang via Google Maps

Spatial is open as early as 7am and closes only in the wee hours of 2am – perfect for both early birds and night owls. So, if you’re on the lookout for a late-night studying spot to fuel your mugging sessions or burning the midnight oil for large projects, we’ve found one for you. FYI, Spatial branches are within Hougang, Toa Payoh, Jurong East, and Woodlands.

Book a working space at Spatial

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Cover image adapted from: Spatial: Woodlands & Spatial: Toa Payoh via Google Maps

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