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Snoopy Garden in Jeju Island, South Korea

While the iPad kids of today are enraptured with the likes of CoComelon, old souls might fondly remember the escapades of a certain black and white beagle and company. Yes, we’re talking about the indelible comic strip Peanuts, which is a slice-of-life cartoon featuring the meek Charlie Brown and his dog, the adorable Snoopy.

Well, if Peanuts fans ever wanted to spend a day frolicking with Snoopy and friends, Jeju Island is the place to be. That’s because on the East side of the island lies Snoopy Garden, a Peanuts-themed wonderland filled with attractions that draw inspiration from the series.

All you need to know about Snoopy Garden

Image credit: @klooksg via Instagram

Snoopy Garden is a Peanuts-themed attraction in South Korea, Jeju Island, and features 2 main zones, namely the Garden House and Outdoor Garden. The Garden House is an indoor museum-like building and the Outdoor Garden is, well, an outdoor garden peppered with cute photo spots.

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People tend to spend about an hour at each zone, so plan to stay for at least 2 hours on your visit to Snoopy Garden. Tickets go for KRW19,000 (~S$19.18) for adults, KRW16,000 (~S$16.15) for teens aged 14-19, and KRW13,000 (~S$13.12) for children aged 36 months-13 years old.

Visitors will also be able to make a stop at the Snoopy Cafe, and indulge in bites such as cakes and drinks decorated with Snoopy-themed motifs. Don’t forget to swing by the Peanuts Store gift shop, to pick up trinkets and souvenirs like T-shirts, key chains, and tote bags for Snoopy lovers back at home.

How do you get to Snoopy Garden from Singapore?

If you’re wondering how to get to Snoopy Garden from Singapore, you’ll first want to get to Jeju Island. Here’s a handy guide listing cheap flights to South Korea from Singapore. We recommend heading to Jeju Island via Scoot (from $545), as they’re the only airline that flies you directly from Singapore to Jeju International Airport.

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Once you’ve touched down, Snoopy Garden is about a 30-minute drive away from Jeju International Airport if you’re renting a car. For those taking public transport, board bus service no. 211 at Jeju Bus Terminal. After about 1.5 hours, alight at the Abu Parasitic Cone stop and take a 4-minute walk to arrive at Snoopy Garden.

Indoor museum with giant comic panels & original vintage books

The Garden House is essentially a museum for all things Peanuts. It’s separated into 5 different exhibition halls, and are all decorated after a theme. On your visit, you’ll explore halls like “Relationships”, “Daily Life”, “Happiness”, “Dreams”, and “Relaxation”.

Image adapted from: @songkeh, @songdan_traveller via Instagram

Fans of the comics will definitely recognise some of the props and sets, and they’ll get to mingle with their favourite characters. Get your cameras out to capture scenes like this Abbey Road-esque crossing, as well as play pretend with a “ringing” retro payphone.

Preach, Snoopy, preach.
Image adapted from: @__eun.a_, @rhode_jeju via Instagram

Don’t worry about not understanding a lick of Korean; most of the text in the museum comes with translations or is straight-up written in English. That means you’ll get to enjoy reading the oversized comic panels plastered all over the place.

Image credit: @jaehee._.83 via Instagram

Do keep an eye out for original Peanuts comic books on display, they’re probably decades old at this point. You’ll even be able to grab some of the more recent releases off the shelves to read.

Explore the Outdoor Garden with multiple photo ops

The Outdoor Garden is also filled with various IG-worthy installations peppered around a verdant park. There are 11 zones here, and again they’re modelled after familiar locations from the comics.

Don’t miss out on this picturesque spot by the water, accompanied by Snoopy.
Image credit: @coshiang_milk via Instagram 

Nostalgia-inducing locations include Lucy’s life-sized psychiatric booth, as well as Charlie Brown’s baseball field.

Image credit: @sweet.like.choco via Instagram

You can also stop by an adorable campfire surrounded by multiple Woodstocks and Snoopy himself.

Image adapted from: @snoppygardenkorea, @bimishi via Instagram

As you enter the Garden House, don’t forget to collect a stamp map. It’ll be used in the Outdoor Garden as you can collect up to 8 stamps here to exchange for a badge at the Peanuts Store souvenir shop. Just keep a lookout for little wooden huts housing stamps on your stroll through the garden.

There’s also a lone Snoopy waiting for you on petal-covered grounds, while Peppermint Patty and Marcie are perched atop a low-lying wall.
Image adapted from: @_suuuun_in_ & @sonsonmom via Instagram

Swing by The Snoopy Cafe and the souvenir store

Of course, all that walking is bound to work up a major appetite, so head straight to Cafe Snoopy. It’s located back in the Garden House, so if you’re too tuckered out to make the walk back, then hop on the roving shuttle bus which operates every 30 minutes that’ll be making its rounds about the garden.

Image credit: @princess760721 via Instagram

It goes without saying that the offerings at Cafe Snoopy will be crafted to bear Snoopy-related motifs. The Spike Pancake (KRW15,000, ~S$15.08) features a cowboy hat-donning Snoopy seared onto fluffy pancakes, while cups of Cappuccino (KRW6,500, ~S$6.53) feature intricate latte art of the beloved beagle.

Image credit: 콩쥐강쥐 via Naver

Nearby, the Peanuts Store is where you’ll find Peanuts-related memorabilia and merchandise to bring home for your family and friends. Here, you can buy plushies of Snoopy (from KRW28,000, ~S$28.14), along with T-shirts (KRW42,000, ~S$42.21) and sweaters (KRW44,000, ~S$44.22) if you’d like to rep the franchise back at home.

Visit Snoopy Garden the next time you’re in Jeju, South Korea

Image adapted from: @kiyong57 via Instagram

For lovers of the comic, Snoopy Garden is a must-visit the next time you’re holidaying in South Korea. With countless photo ops with the whole Peanuts gang and an adorable themed cafe to boot, this is the place to be if you’re looking to inject your IG feed with a dose of Snoopy-inspired wholesomeness.

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Cover image adapted from: @_suuuun_in_, @sonsonmom, @klooksg & @coshiang_milk via Instagram

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