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SingPost Centre Has Been Revamped And Easties Have A New Cinema & High-Tech Supermarket

One-stop shopping at SingPost Centre

This October, Easties have been #blessed with the freshly revamped SingPost Centre that’s conveniently located next to Paya Lebar MRT station. 

It’s not just a place to mail your packages either. Besides the 24/7 SingPost office, there’s everything from spanking new F&B options to the super high-tech NTUC FairPrice. Here are some highlights to look forward to: 

1. Golden Village – All-laser projection cinema and deluxe seats

Residents of Paya Lebar, rejoice – you can now pop by Golden Village at SingPost Centre for your next midnight movie! 

This GV boasts Singapore’s first all-laser projection cinema that takes high-def to the next level – think clear, crisp images across all its 8 screens when you catch your next horror film or action-packed blockbuster.

You can watch movies in style too with their new Duo Deluxe seats – luxurious twin leatherette seats that are supremely comfortable.

Chill at the lounge area before heading in for your movie.

$10 cake and coffee set.

And move aside popcorn –  you can grab some next-level cinema food at their grab & Gold cafe. Our picks are the Blue Velvet Lychee Cake ($8) and Ice Blended Thai Tea ($6.90), or the cake and coffee set that goes for just $10.  

2. HeeTea – SG’s newest cheese tea store

If you’ve unabashedly rode the waves of the cheese tea trend, here’s one more to add to your list; Singapore’s first ever HeeTea outlet serves up some must-try cheese teas.  

HeeTea’s Super Four Seasons Fruit Tea has assorted fresh sliced fruit

Try their best-selling Super Four Seasons Fruit Tea ($6.00) that’s packed with 5 different fresh fruits, and sip on their specialty teas like the Strawberry Cheese Tea ($6.60) and Simply Matcha ($4.50), both topped with rich, savoury cheese foam that blend perfectly with the drink.

HeeTea’s teas are all made from their very own blend of tea leaves and brewed in satchels, so you’ll get none of that artificial flavouring in your drinks.

3. NTUC FairPrice – Super high-tech supermarket with VR

NTUC FairPrice has levelled up their grocery game with their FairPrice@SingPost app that helps you locate products in store, check stocks, and even recommends promotions based on your shopping habits. No more realizing you’ve missed a deal just after you’ve bought stuff!

There’s even a VR experiential corner where you can immerse yourself in a virtual kitchen and try out different soaps and detergents by scrubbing countertops and washing clothes. 


I must have looked absolutely ridiculous to passersby. Psst…Keep a lookout for upcoming new exhibits at this area!

For super efficient grocery runs in record time, grab a SCAN2GO handheld scanner when you enter the store and go round scanning your items before chucking them in your trolley. 

These scanners will keep track of all your groceries’ prices, how much you’ve put in your cart so far and how much you’ve saved on promotional items. Once you’ve got everything, all you have to do is scan the QR code at self-checkout, pay, and you’re good to go.

If you’ve ordered your groceries online, pick up your items at the Click&Collect lockers – these come with refrigerated storage to keep chilled products cold. This means you can even order perishable items like milk and cheese online!

Bonus: Self-service kiosks can transform into a conventional service counter when there’re longer queues during peak hours.

A transformation just by rotating 180 degrees!

With grocery shopping this futuristic, we can all heave a collective sigh of “what a time to be alive”.

4. UPOT – Taiwanese hot pot conveyor-belt style

This Taiwanese hot pot joint is its first ever branch overseas and the very first hot pot restaurant in Singapore to serve food on a conveyor belt. It even comes with a newly invented cooling system to keep all ingredients fresh! 

With 6 soup bases and a myriad of ingredients – from $0.99 to $3.99 per plate – to choose from, this tantalising selection will see you stuffing your face in record time. 

Green plates for $0.99, orange for $1.99, blue for $2.99, red for $3.99

Be warned: their Xiaolongkan Old Hotpot ($9.80) – a.k.a Mala soup – that’s packed with all sorts of spices is not for the faint-hearted, and if you prefer a non-spicy soup base, opt for their Taiwanese Herbal Pork Rib Soup ($8.80), the top selling soup base for a satisfying pot of herbally goodness.

5. Núodle – Handmade la mian from China

Hailing from Lan Zhou in China, Núodle – or nu (beef) noodle – serves up some delectable beef la mian with freshly hand-pulled noodles made to order.

You can even choose how thick or thin you want your noodles to be – their senpai chefs can pull noodles as thick as your fingers or as thin as your hair.

Signature Beef La Mian with regular thick noodles

Relish their Signature Beef La Mian ($8.80/small, $12.90/large) and Seafood La Mian ($8.80) – clear, flavourful broths and al dente noodles, topped off with generous servings of tender beef slices and seafood. It’s no wonder they’ve seen long queues since their opening 2 weeks ago.

6. KJ Optometrists – Comprehensive eye tests and unique spectacle frames

This ain’t any old spectacle shop – KJ Optometrists offers comprehensive eye examinations that include mapping the surface curvature of the cornea, and even imaging tests that takes cross-section pictures of your retina. 

As all of their staff members are certified optometrists, you can also get contact lens prescriptions and referrals to eye specialists if needed. Their professional eye examinations even test for cornea ailments, cataracts and glaucoma. 

If you’re looking for some high-quality yet affordable frames, get one that’s not like every other mass-produced specs – for instance, slip on a cool pair from unique Japanese label Yellow Plus.

7. NorthStar Gymnastics & Fitness – Classes for all ages

This ain’t just any machine-filled gym where people go to obliterate calories after a sinful binge. With gymnastic classes for both kids and adults, NorthStar Gymnastics & Fitness offers fitness classes that make working out far less dreary. 

Kids from ages 3 and above can sign up for gym classes and choose between recreational or competitive classes in the future depending on their abilities, and class sizes go up to 8 people, so everyone gets individual attention from the instructors. 


If you’re an adult, don’t worry about not having prior gymnastics experience, you can still join in and see results – like becoming stronger and more flexible, and even doing handstands – in just months! 

Besides gymnastics classes, Northstar Gymnastics & Fitness also offers weekly yoga, boxing fitness, and open gym classes that you can join as and when you like. 

Tip: Head on down to Dr. Stretch after a good workout to stretch out those sore muscles at their massage spa center.

8. Platform M by MOF – One-stop food station

This ain’t any ordinary food centre: Platform M by MOF features some rustic decor reminiscent of a classic heritage train station – from vibrant graffitied walls by local artists to quaint street lamps and old school art pieces. 

Order your food electronically

This food court also runs on a self-ordering cashless system, so you can buy a Platform M card for $20 (comes preloaded with a $17 credit), tap to pay for your food, and top it up when you need to. Credit card payments are also accepted here! 

We tried the Roasted Crispy Duck Rice ($6.80) from Duck Master – a must-try for duck-lovers – and also their light yet flavourful Congee with Century Egg and Lean Meat ($5.80) that’s perfect for those who’re craving for some comfort food. 

Grilled Ribeye with Mushroom Sauce served with Mac & Cheese and Baked Potato on the side

Economi Of Scale serves up delectable Western food, from signature steaks and grills, to pasta and salad. We went straight for their Grilled Ribeye with Mushroom Sauce ($16.90) that comes with 2 side dishes, some salad, and a generous portion of steak.

We also ordered their Shrimp and Apple Salad ($7.90) and were pleasantly surprised at how well the tanginess of the sliced apples complemented the savoury shrimps and fresh greens. 


For those who adore Japanese food, you’ll find 4 Japanese food stalls at Platform M, each serving their own specialty dishes including Tempura, Ramen, Katsu Don and Oyakodon. Don’t miss out on Kazu Kazu’s donburi, especially their Pork Belly Mentai Mayo Don ($9.80)

This highly indulgent donburi is topped with a generous serving of tender pork belly, and drenched in savoury, creamy mentaiko sauce that added an aromatic burnt flavour to the dish.

Coming soon: Gong Cha, Cash Studio Family Karaoke Box and Boulder World

Besides all these stores to check out, you can also look forward to the long-anticipated return of Gong Cha and the opening of new karaoke place Cash Studio Family Karaoke Box for you to sing your lungs out.  For the adventurous, look out for the opening of Boulder World to slot in a rock climbing sesh.

Lifestyle and shopping haven at SingPost Centre

Even if you don’t live in the East, the SingPost Centre is well worth a visit if you want to check out their new stores as well as their state-of-the-art supermarket and luxurious cinemas. 

Bonus: Now that you’re all caught up with these new openings, flash this article with a same-day receipt of any purchase from SingPost Centre to receive a $2 Carl’s Jr. voucher*!

*Note: Valid for redemption till 12 November or while stocks last. Limit to 1 redemption per shopper per day. Redemption can be made at the Customer Service Counter located at L2 (10am to 9.30pm) daily. Other T&Cs apply.


Find out more about SingPost Centre here!

This post was brought to you by SingPost Centre.

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