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8 Discounted Pampering Services Including Facials & Hair Treatments For Some Me-Time This Holiday

Discounted pampering services for DBS/POSB Cardmembers

It’s high time that you treated yourself with a pampering session, after surviving the ordeal that is 2020. There are probably lots of social events filling up your calendar as well, and it never hurts to enter the new year all dolled up and refreshed. These discounted pampering services for DBS/POSB Cardmembers will come in handy, all while saving you a pretty penny.

From eye treatments that’ll make you look less panda-like to underarm hair removal to do away with your shaving and waxing rituals, make good use of these beauty deals for an all-encompassing makeover. Read till the end to find out how to save even more through DBS Payment Plans.

1. New York Skin Solutions – $28 hydrating collagen treatment

Adequate moisture levels are key to having plump, bright and bouncy skin. To get a moisture boost delivered deep into your dermis, give the New York Skin Solutions HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment a try. Originally priced at $300 per session, first-time customers can experience it for $28 when they pay with a DBS/POSB Card.

On top of hyaluronic acid, a popular and potently hydrating skincare ingredient you may recognise from your favourite creams and serums, it also supplies your skin with marine collagen. The result is a brighter complexion, lightened pimple scars and dark eye circles, and reduced fine lines. 

Valid from now till 31st December 2020, for new customers aged 18 and above.
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2. Regina Hair Removal Specialist – $138 for lifetime underarm laser hair removal

Image credit: Regina Hair Removal Specialist

You’ve probably heard of IPL hair removal, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Japan has developed a similar form of laser hair removal called Krypton Pulsed Light or KPL. Regina Hair Removal Specialist is one of the few local salons offering this service, which is said to be less harsh and has reduced chances of side effects like peeling, swelling or redness.

KPL works in a similar fashion whereby intense light energy is administered to the skin to remove hair from the follicle, leading to new strands being lighter, less coarse, and preventing regrowth altogether over time. For $138 (U.P. $1,584), you can purchase a Lifetime Underarm Package to zap your armpit hairs away – no more painful waxing or having to shave every other day.

Valid from now till 31st December 2020, customers will be subjected to a skin test to assess treatment suitability.
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3. TrichoMed – up to 30% off hair treatments with complimentary scan

Image credit: Global Wellness Group

Besides putting your best face forward, a good head of hair is one of the first things people notice about your appearance. Especially for folks who have gone through dye jobs, be it at salons or through DIY kits, your tresses are likely frayed and slightly damaged. To restore moisture and shine to your mane, head to TrichoMed for a Hair Colour Treatment.

On top of enjoying a 30% discount, first-timers get a complimentary hair scan as well, allowing your stylist to get to the root of your hair and scalp issues. Existing customers aren’t left out of the savings, with 10% off a three-session general Hair Treatment package.

Valid from now till 31st December 2020, for new customers aged 21 and above.
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4. Victoria Facelift – $48 for Power-Lift Facial & three-piece product set

Image credit: Victoria Facelift

If the word “facelift” has you shuddering with visions of needles and going under the knife, you’d be pleased to know that Victoria Facelift is able to achieve facelift-like results, without any surgery, injections or downtime. Their signature Victoria Power-Lift Facial targets tell-tale signs of ageing by reducing forehead wrinkles, laugh lines, crow’s feet and even pesky double chins.

First-time customers can get this treatment for $48 instead of the usual $486, and Victoria Facelift will also throw in an Eye Care Treatment and three-piece V-Lift Product Set for you to take home. 

Valid from now till 31st December 2020, for new customers aged 18 and above.
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5. Beyond Beauty International – $38 anti-ageing facial with massage

Image credit: Beyond Beauty International

It’s been one heck of a year, so who can blame us for looking a little worse for wear? Beyond Beauty International has a 60-minute Age-Defying Stem Cell Facelift treatment ($38 for new customers, U.P. $588) which claims to reduce wrinkles and fine lines using painless and non-invasive methods.

Available to existing customers for a package of three sessions ($1,039, U.P. $1,764), the treatment also comprises a coconut mask to transport your senses to an island paradise, and a neck and shoulder massage to recharge your weary body. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to shave a few years off your age, you’ll certainly step into 2021 feeling more refreshed.

Valid from now till 31st December 2020, for new customers aged 21 and above.
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6. Body Contour – $38 brightening facial with eye treatment

Image credit: Body Contour

Especially with the increase in staying home and the need to wear masks when out and about, a lot of women have taken to wearing lighter makeup. Minimal makeup is all you need to look fresh and put-together when you have a radiant complexion, which is what Body Contour aims to give customers through their 90-minute Glow White & Hydrating Facial Treatment.

Currently offered at a first-timer’s rate of $38 (U.P. $388) for a single session or $1,038 (U.P. $1,164) for three sessions if you’re an existing customer, the treatment also includes a “Sparkling Eyes Treatment” to target the delicate skin surrounding your peepers. Great for those who have panda-like undereye circles after one too many nights of burning the midnight oil.

Valid from now till 31st December 2020, for new customers aged 21 and above.
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7. FIL – $38 facial & neck treatment, $58 full-body massage

Image credit: Singapore Spa Guide

Those with aching muscles from craning their neck at phone and computer screens will benefit from the DBS/POSB Cardmember deal at FIL. New customers get to enjoy a Therma-Cold Hydrating Facial ($38, U.P. $600) with a complimentary neck treatment to relieve the knots. Existing customers can also get a package deal at $1,600 for 3 sessions (U.P. $1,800).

To alleviate soreness all over, go for their 60-minute Aromatic JAMU Full-Body Massage ($58 for new customers, U.P. $600) exclusively available at the Chinese Swimming Club and Singapore Shopping Centre branches. Existing customers get to purchase three sessions for $480 (U.P. $540).

Valid from now till 31st December 2020, for new customers aged 21 and above.
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8. Passage New York – $48 facial with customised ampoule & mask

Image credit: Passage New York

At $48 instead of the usual $280, first-time customers at Passage New York can try their 90-minute Intensive Rejuvenating Facial. Besides hydrating and brightening your complexion, the facial process also includes a customised ampoule and mask application to lock in all the skin benefits. 

For those who aren’t familiar, ampoules are potent serums with an extraordinarily high concentration of active ingredients. The customisation means only ingredients targeting your skin woes will be used, for maximum efficacy. Existing customers who are DBS/POSB Cardmembers can get a special package price of three sessions for $800 (U.P. $840).

Valid from now till 31st December 2020, for new customers aged 21 and above.
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Beauty deals in Singapore for DBS/POSB Cardmembers

Quality beauty treatments don’t come cheap, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. These discounted pampering services enable both first-timers as well as repeat customers to enjoy hefty savings, without fear of questionable quality standards or shady reputations.

To offset the financial load even more, consider using DBS Payment Plans to purchase your treatments and packages. DBS Credit Cardmembers get to enjoy 0% interest rates for up to six months. For added flexibility, you can also choose between payment periods of three, six, 12, 18 or 24 months.

With the costs spread out over a comfortable payment period instead of deducted at one shot, you’ll be able to treat yourself to all the pampering sessions you want and deserve. 

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Cover image adapted from (L-R): Beyond Beauty International , Singapore Spa Guide, Regina International


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