10 CNY Bazaars In 2020 In All Areas Of Singapore, Other Than The One At Chinatown

Chinese New Year bazaars in Singapore 2020

Image adapted from (clockwise from top-left): Singapore Night BazaarSingapore Night BazaarSingapore Night BazaarTLK Trade Fair and Events

It comes as no surprise to see bazaars lining the streets during the Chinese New Year period,

but 2020 seems to have a record high of CNY pasar malams in just about every corner of the island.

Other than the annual one at Chinatown, there have been many others sprouting up in neighbourhoods, which saves heartlanders the hassle of having to travel to town for their fix of festive snacks, lucky plants, hot snacks,and claw machines. Here’s where to find them across every region in Singapore:

– North –

1. Woodlands

The field in front of Woodlands MRT seems to be permanently taken up for a massive pasar malam no matter what season – be it Hari Raya, Deepavali, or just because. It’s no different during Chinese New Year. This year, they’ve brought in so many kumquat plants and flowers that you may mistake certain parts for a mini orchard.

To fuel the claw machine craze, they have rows upon rows of claw machines with tokens at just $1 – or even less, depending on how many you choose to buy. Of course, the more you purchase, the cheaper it gets, so don’t hold back!

Food to look out for:

  • Flame-torched beef cubes
  • Takoyaki and okonomiyaki
  • Chocolate-cheese goreng pisang
  • Churros

Date: Until 23rd Jan 2020
Venue: Outside Woodlands MRT

2. Yishun Block 293

Giant Cai Shen Ye statue that’s very popular among residents

The bazaar at Yishun MRT has since ceased operations, and in its stead is another one at Block 293. While that’s not right outside the train station or Northpoint City shopping mall, it’s not too far away – you can either take a quick bus ride over (2 stops) or get a bout of exercise with a 10-minute walk.

There you’ll find all the pasar malam food basics, though note that this isn’t a very long stretch so you might only want to head down if you happen to live nearby. There is, however, a decent selection of CNY plants, including potted flowers and kumquat trees.

It’s 1 minute away from Holy Cow Creamery, so if you’ve still got stomach space after your binge-fest, might as well pop by for some of their famous gelato.

Food to look out for:

  • Taiwanese fried snacks
  • Ramly burgers
  • Prawn vadai
  • Tea eggs

Date: Until 23rd Jan 2020
Venue: Block 293, Yishun Street 22

– North-East –

3. Punggol

Image credit: TLK Trade Fair and Events

It’s safe to say that Punggols bazaar is pretty darn ginormous, seeing as they have space dedicated to a whole carnival with a kiddy carousel, choo-choo train, bumper car arena, and even a zorbing zone.

Image credit: TLK Trade Fair and Events

Other than those rides and carnival games like ring toss and duck fishing, you’ll also be able to go old-school with mechanical arcade machines which you wouldn’t normally find in Singapore these days. But of course, claw machines are part of the mix too.

Image credit: TLK Trade Fair and Events

Food to look out for:

  • Mini donut burgers
  • Thai fried ice cream rolls
  • Fu Zhou oyster fritters
  • Taiwanese rainbow potato balls

Date: Until 24th Jan 2020
Venue: Outside Punggol MRT

4. Bishan

Image credit: Amoi Takoyaki

Students from the many schools located in Bishan can have a field day munching on snacks from the pasar malam there. When it’s time for a break during your after-school study sessions, blow off some steam with Play United’s set of claw machines.

Image credit: Play United

Food to look out for:

  • Flaming Creme Brulee Brown Sugar Tea from Tiger Dot
  • Thai skewers
  • Takoyaki
  • Taiwanese snacks

Date: Until 24th Jan 2020
Venue: Outside Bishan MRT

5. Ang Mo Kio

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

The open space outside AMK Hub isn’t as huge as that of other malls, so don’t expect any amusement rides or claw machines here. However, they’ve still managed to pack in a good variety of food stalls offering both sweet and savoury treats, so you can get a quick and easy bite on your way home.

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

Food to look out for:

  • Mookata
  • Stinky tofu
  • Taiwanese grilled mushrooms
  • Rosti

Date: Until 24th Jan 2020
Venue: Outside AMK Hub

– East –

6. Bedok Central

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

Those who have an insatiable love for plushies can go crazy at Bedok Central’s bazaar, which has claw machines containing toys of all sizes – medium ones, tiny keychain-plushies, and even a couple of mega-sized ones that may be as large as a human.

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

Other than the slew of food kiosks, look out for fruit stalls selling $1 mangoes and 3 for $10 D24 durians.

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

It’s also a good place to stock up on last-minute Chinese New Year decorations for your home.

Date: Until 23rd Jan 2020
Venue: Open area in front of Block 211 at Bedok Town Centre (New Upper Changi Road)

– West –

7. Jurong East

Image credit: TLK Trade Fair and Events

If you’re having Taiwan night market withdrawals, head over to Jurong East’s bazaar, where you’ll get to try your hand at the kind of shooting games one would normally find at Shihlin or Raohe in Taipei. Those who get easily startled by the sound of balloons popping can always opt to shoot plastic targets instead, so don’t worry!

Image credit: @kechasg

Food to look out for:

  • White Rabbit bubble tea from KECha
  • Ramly burgers
  • Prawn vadai
  • Kebabs

Date: Until 20th Jan 2020
Venue: Outside Jurong East MRT

8. Jurong West

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

Jurong is pretty huge, so it’s a good thing that there are many CNY bazaars open to cater to all residents. Those staying nearer the Lakeside area can head over to the Jurong West bazaar at Blocks 501-508, just a 10-minute walk from Lakeside MRT station.

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

Apart from the usual selection of cheap clothes, bedsheets, homeware, and fruits, you can busy yourself with claw machines that include various modes of gameplay that aren’t limited to the standard claw catchers.

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

There are also multiple booths touting festive rat-themed home decor pieces, along with lanterns, cushions, and faux firecrackers.

Food to look out for:

  • Otak-otak
  • Cheesy kebabs
  • Quesadillas
  • Thai milk tea

Date: Until 23rd Jan 2020
Venue: Blocks 501-508, Jurong West Street 51

9. Bukit Panjang

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

From what we’ve seen so far, Bukit Panjang seems to have the most unique selection of food stalls, with items like Dutch baby pancakes and fresh BBQ prawns which you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

It’s right outside Hillion Mall, and you don’t have to worry about grappling with an armful of food, as there are plenty of picnic benches placed in the area for your convenience. It’s away from the thick of the action too, so you’ll get to enjoy some fresh air as you tuck in.

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

Food to look out for:

  • Garlic prawn tacos
  • Dutch baby pancakes
  • BBQ prawns and lala soup
  • Honey cajun wings

Date: Until 23rd Jan 2020
Venue: Bukit Panjang MRT (outside Hillion Mall)

10. Bukit Batok

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

The space outside Bukit Batok MRT has been transformed into a food street of sorts, with all types of cuisine – from Thai, to Taiwanese, and of course good old local favourites. Drop by with a few friends and get many items to share – it’ll almost be like taking your taste buds on an express trip around Asia.

Image credit: Singapore Night Bazaar

Food to look out for:

  • Dragonfruit ice cream
  • Taiwanese oyster mee sua and pork belly rice
  • Thai grilled pork
  • Durian smoothies

Date: Until 23rd Jan 2020
Venue: Outside Bukit Batok MRT Station/West Mall

CNY pasar malams in Singapore 2020

Squeezing with the crowds at Chinatown is something you no longer have to do when there are so many Chinese New Year night markets scattered across the other regions of Singapore. In fact, most of these are conveniently located right outside MRT stations – and those that aren’t, are just an easy walk away. No sweat!

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