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Caring Skin Has Singapore’s First “Rainfall Facial” That’ll Leave You With Baby-Smooth Skin In 90 Mins

The award-winning Nano Perfector “rainfall” facial

If the term “rainfall facial” sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because it was highly publicised for being the $1,000 facial Angelina Jolie and other celebrities swear by to look as ageless as they do.

Yes, a $1,000 facial. We kid you not. But before you huff off swearing off these “rainfall” facials forever, a local beauty institute, Caring Skin, has invented its very own Nano Perfector “rainfall” facial, so raved about that it’s been crowned the winner of the Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2017.

And of course, we had to suss it out for ourselves, so we sent happy trooper, Xenia, down to put the Nano Perfector to the test.

The Caring Skin Salon

Image adapted from: Caring Skin

Tucked away in the inconspicuous International Building on Orchard Road, Caring Skin’s cosy outfit looks like just the place for a little midday or post-work respite from the unrelenting pace of corporate life.


You’ll find a wall full of accolades and products, critically acclaimed by dermatologists and estheticians globally.

There are ten treatment rooms in total, each fitted with an aromatherapy diffuser and a charging outlet so you’ll be able to give your phone a juice boost as well.

It didn’t take long before we were each served water and a warm glass of wolfberry and red date tea, before an esthetician ushered us into a consultation room to kick start Xenia’s facial journey.

A Comprehensive Skin Map Analysis

Be prepared to reveal all your worst skin care habits in a tell-all confessions session. This is to help them further understand the current condition of your skin, the problem areas to pay extra attention to, and how they can help you avoid unknowingly damaging your skin further.

And even if you’re not honest, you won’t be able to evade Caring Skin’s VISIA Complexion Analysis System, a machine that’s usually only used by aesthetic doctors. With a multi-point scan that provides a snapshot of your skin, it highlights underlying issues the naked eye can’t see – exposing everything from wrinkles on your skin to the UV spots likely to transform into dark pigmented spots.

It can also as far as it accurately can, detect your skin’s condition, age, and show you how you’ll look like 10 years from now in a couple of seconds!

The machine also revealed that Xenia had sensitive skin with sun damage due to her constant exposure to the sun. And it was her pesky pimple-popping habit that did her skin in, leaving her with scars and a rougher texture. But thankfully for her, VISIA revealed her actual skin age to be one year younger than her actual age…. for now.

The 90-minute Nano Perfector

Step 1: Double Cleanse

Based on your skin type, the estheticians will customise a cleansing method that is the most gentle on your skin. Given Xenia’s combination and sensitive skin, a milk cleanser was first used to rid the skin of dirt and makeup, followed by a foam cleanser to remove traces of residual makeup and porphyrins, which is actually bacterial waste left on the skin left by the things like dirty makeup brushes, touching your face, and pollution.

All of the products used in Caring Skin are formulated with the use of nanotechnology to ensure easy absorption into the skin used in Caring Skin are 100% plant-based and natural, so you need not worry about your skin reacting negatively to harsh chemicals.

Rosehip seed, vitamins A, C, E, thermal spring water, and alkaline water are the main ingredients used throughout the facial to detoxify and revitalise the skin, leaving it baby smooth.

Step 2: The 20% Glycolic Acid Peel

A 20% glycolic acid solution, which is derived from sugarcane, is then applied to the skin for 5 minutes to penetrate dull and dead skin layers for increased absorption to treat signs of ageing and tackle fine lines.

Note: You might experience a slight tingling sensation at this point.

Step 3: Skin is neutralised with a pH balancing gel

Caring Skin’s very own all-natural concoction is massaged into the skin to neutralise the remaining acid on the face to prevent damage from the peel. This is followed by a “rainfall” of icy cold alkaline water to flush the face and stimulate the production of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin.

It was at this point that Xenia was asked to use the back of her hands to feel the difference in terms of her skin’s texture.

Step 4: A boost of Vitamins A, C, and E

A concentrated serum of vitamins A, C, and E and brimming with antioxidants is then massaged into the skin to repair cells and their elasticity.

Step 5: The lightening of pigmentations and brown spots

Their very own house-blend whitening formula is then massaged into the skin to effect overall lightening and to work its magic on uneven pigmentation and dark spots. A second alkaline “rainfall” here helps to not only neutralise the skin but to trigger a biological response to stimulate an increased production of collagen and elastin.

Step 6 & 7: Moisture replenishing facial massage and extraction

After all the heavyweight cleansing and peeling, it’s then time to replenish the skin’s natural hydration with a hydro-balancing gel massage. Once that’s done, extraction follows to weed out offensive-looking blackheads and pimples.

If you’re a facial junkie who lives for the extraction process, here’s an insider tip you might want to remember for the rest of your life – your extraction should always be under 20 minutes.

At Caring Skin, estheticians are trained to first give their clients a light extraction on their first visit to first assess skin sensitivity and prevent them from leaving with angry red patches on their face after.

Step 8: A Double Mask Finale

To wrap up the treatment and give your skin the distinct glow of health, two masks – a Vitamin A, C, and E mask, and a chamomile mask – are applied to the face in succession to pack all the moisture in and give your skin that final burst of vitamins.

The Results

Even the therapist was impressed at the before-and-after transformation of Xenia’s tired and congested complexion. We initially expected minimal to no results, but were pleasantly surprised to find out that Xenia’s skin looked revived and refreshed, with lesser red spots and at least a visible shade lighter. Plus, the texture of her skin definitely felt smoother, which explains why the Nano Perfector is also known as the “Baby-Smooth Skin Facial”.

Definitely more luminous post-treatment

We also appreciated how the estheticians were knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and super open about sharing with us tried-and-tested tips and tricks to help us overcome our biggest skin care obstacles.

When asked about their packages, our esthetician, Jovelle, never once pushed us to purchase anything, but walked us through their selection and recommended their individual facials to allow us to fully identify which facial we best preferred before committing to anything more. And with over 300 mostly positive reviews on their page, we knew we were in capable hands too.

Transform dull, blemished skin with Caring Skin

Whether it’s acne blemishes or a dull complexion you’re struggling with, Caring Skin’s Nano Perfector is one all-natural treatment that actually works to give you long-term results and aid you along your journey to a perfect and healthy complexion.

Caring Skin is offering all TSL readers a special promotional price of $98 for the Nano Perfector “rainfall” facial (U.P. $280). All you have do is quote “TSL-Nano”. On top of that, you’ll receive a complimentary O2 Mist treatment worth $250, if you book on weekdays for time slots between 11AM-5PM*!

*First-time customers of Caring Skin only. This promotion is valid till 30 November 2017.

Find out more about the award winning Nano Perfector facial here!

Caring Skin
Address: 360 Orchard Road, International Building, #07-07A, Singapore 238869
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11AM-9PM | Sat – Sun: 10AM-6PM
Telephone: 6737 7797

This post was brought to you by Caring Skin.

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