6 Best Year-End Alcohol Deals For Your NYE Parties & Gatherings, Sorted By Your Drinking Style

Alcohol deals for the year-end

2020 is coming to an end. And what better to toast to an…exciting year than with some good ol’ booze.  But buying alcohol can be tricky. From that friend who can’t tahan anything stronger than wine, to that ex-clubber with specific tastes, getting the right kind of drink can be a headache.

To help solve the dilemma of whether to gift someone bubbly champagne or a fine aged whisky this festive period, here are six alcohol gifts to match the drinking habits of each friend. 

Get them from DFS’s online store between now till 3rd January 2021 to enjoy discounts of up to 60% off and tax-absorbed, duty free prices even without travelling. To protect your wallet from hurting as much with all the gift-giving this month, spend $150 and above to score free islandwide shipping, and $250 and above to get a free wine chiller stick.

1. The atas friend who loves champagne brunches – Moët & Chandon or Veuve Clicquot

Image credit (L-R): @andersunited, @veuveclicquot

You know that atas friend who never fails to post Instagram stories of bottomless champagne brunches every other weekend? Give their Christmas party a touch of glitz and glam with a bottle of either the Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial ($69, U.P. $81.70) or Veuve Clicquot Brut ($79, U.P. $96.20)

The Moët will allow them to serve up bougie and IG-worthy party drinks as opposed to diluted booze in paper cups. Just pour it over ice in a dainty glass and add some chilled berries – a summertime favourite among folks from the South of France.

You could also gift them the Veuve Clicquot Brut, which is a go-to premium champagne option. Plus, it comes packaged in a limited edition shopping bag in the iconic Veuve Clicquot orange colour.

Get the Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial and Veuve Clicquot Brut from DFS.

2. The light drinker – Bottega Petalo Pink Moscato

Image credit: J’aime Somm

Whether it’s a house party or clubbing at Clarke Quay pre-COVID, there’s bound to be one member of the squad who K.Os early from a weaker alcohol tolerance. A bottle of Bottega Petalo Pink Moscato ($29, U.P. $48.80) only has 6.5% alcohol, meaning it’ll be just enough to provide a slight buzz without making light drinkers loopy upon a few sips.

The grapes used to make this sparkling wine are grown in the Italian province of Treviso, famed for their Prosecco, which gives each glass a fresh and fragrant flavour. There’s also floral and fruity hints to this moscato, making it perfect to pair with desserts like Christmas log cakes and festive puddings.

Get the Bottega Petalo Pink Moscato from DFS.

3. The older and more sophisticated drinker – Martell VSOP Red Barrel

Image credit: Martell

Martell’s VSOP is a staple drink for many veteran drinkers. But rather than gift your dear friend yet another bottle of traditional cognac, you can get them a bottle of Martell’s newest brandy. Each bottle of VSOP Red Barrel ($109, U.P. $158) is aged in barrels that are four to eight years old, which the cognac house calls “red barrels,” hence the name.

The aged barrels give the drink a softer, spicy note – which means a less bitter flavour that pairs with food a lot better. This also makes the cognac a lot more palatable even for drinkers who tend to shy away from it, so the mature drinkers and younger ones can finally gan bei over some brandy.

Get the Martell VSOP Red Barrel from DFS.

4. The ex-party animal – Monkey Shoulder or The Glenlivet Triple Cask

Image credit (L-R): The Glenlivet, @distilledrepublik

If you know someone who is suffering from some serious Zouk withdrawal symptoms, a bottle of The Glenlivet Triple Cask Matured Distiller’s Reserve ($99, U.P. $143.50) or Monkey Shoulder ($79, U.P. 128.61) whisky should be able to tide them over till Phase 3 comes around.

The Glenlivet Triple Cask is perfect for the classy and refined friend who loved pre-gaming at a fancy bar before heading to the clubs. The potent mixture is matured in three casks: Traditional, American White Oak, and Ex-sherry, which gives it a rich and expressive aroma.

The Monkey Shoulder, on the other hand, is great for mixing into cocktails as it’s already a blend of three whiskies. Your giftee can finally recreate their favourite drinks, like the classic Old Fashioned, at home without having to pay an exorbitant markup. It also stands well on its own, with a creamy and malty palate.

Get The Glenlivet Triple Cask Matured Distiller’s Reserve and the Monkey Shoulder from DFS.

5. The host with a well-stocked liquor cabinet – The Macallan Lumina

Image credit: The Macallan

For the friend who has an entire wall dedicated to his or her liquor cabinet, The Macallan Lumina ($141, U.P. $178) will be a great addition to their growing collection. It’s one of the four new Macallan Quest Collection whiskies that have no age stated, unlike their core series.

The Lumina whisky is aged in sherry-seasoned European and American oak casks, as well as hogsheads which gives the drink a lighter and more mellow palate when compared to the typical Macallan whiskies. Adding a dash of water will also help to draw out the sweetness of the drink.

Get The Macallan Lumina from DFS. 

6. The bar kaki who loves a G&T – Citadelle Original Gin

Image credit: Citadelle Gin

Few things hit the spot like a refreshing gin and tonic on a scorching day, and a bottle of Citadelle Original Gin ($89, U.P. $127) would be the perfect present for your bar-hopping kakis who love to make their own cocktails. This gin is also not commonly served in bars, so even seasoned G&T lovers who have tried it all can experience a new taste.

Citadelle Original is made from a neutral wheat spirit base and has over 19 botanical ingredients. The juniper and star anise give it a herbaceous character, while the cinnamon and coriander makes the finish spicy and aromatic.

Get the Citadelle Original Gin from DFS.

Bonus: Alcohol bundles with curated snacks for your BF or GF

Image adapted from: DFS

If your bae fits into more than one of the categories above, get them a little bit of everything with a gift bundle from DFS. Some even come with expertly-curated snacks that complement the different alcohol pairings.

There is also a bundle with miniature versions of Moscato, vodka, and cognac, so you can try something different without having to commit to the full-sized bottles. This makes these bundle sets a great stay-home kit, especially if you just want to cosy up to some Netflix and recharge your social batteries from all the year-end parties.

Christmas gifts for your drinking friends

Making sure you gift the correct bottle of booze to the barflies in your life can be a challenge, but DFS’ selection of gifts for him and her makes Christmas booze-shopping smoother than a dram of aged whisky. 

You don’t even have to head to the airport or go through customs to buy DFS wines and spirits tax- and duty-free, all while enjoying festive discounts of up to 60%. Those who spend more than $250 will also get a free wine chiller stick, which will come in handy for wine enthusiasts and those with home bars.

This season of giving, share the good vibes with all the savings from DFS’ discounts and support the Singapore Children’s Society through the DFS global charity campaign

Find out more about alcohol gifts from DFS here

This post was brought to you by DFS.

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