Thai YouTuber gets stuck in Afghanistan

Covid-19 has discouraged many to travel internationally for a number of reasons. But, it hasn’t stopped one of Thailand’s most popular internet influencers, I Roam Alone, also known as “Mint”.

Months ago, she flew to the United States of America and vlogged her one-month experience in New York City, which resulted in some backlash.

Mint’s most recent destination is Afghanistan, where she currently is stuck and unable to return to Thailand. Netizens have responded negatively to her situation, claiming that she is to blame for her plight.

Let’s see what Mint’s story is, and why others are criticising her.

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Thai YouTuber is criticised for traveling to Afghanistan

On 30th July 2021, I Roam Alone roamed Afghanistan. Her travels coincided with the bombing in the nation’s regions, including roads leading to Herat International Airport, leading the suspension of flights. As a result, Mint is unable to fly out of Afghanistan.

According to a recent post on her Facebook page, the travel blogger is safe and sound. She also noted that her guide is kindly letting her stay on their couch while she figures out a way home.

Image credit: I Roam Alone via Pisek Sanitthangkoon

Translation: UPDATE: The Taliban attacked an area close to the airport, so all flights are cancelled…

Please don’t be worried about me, Afghan hospitality is really great. Currently, I’m staying with my tour guide’s family.

Her post mentioned the hospitable and kind nature that people in Afghanistan display. Later in I Roam Alone’s announcement, she touches on the negative effects that the government’s actions have had on the Afghani peoples’ happiness and livelihoods.

All of Mint’s recent vlogs about her time in Afghanistan have since been removed from her Facebook account.

Netizens react to Mint’s experience in Afghanistan

While audience members have expressed concerns for the Mint’s safety, there are also those are criticising her for traveling to an “unsafe” country, according to Kapook.

I Roam Alone

Screenshot:กระแสเอเชียใต้ x พูดทั้งโลก

Translation: I think she was unaware of the situation. She seems so naive and ignorant – thinking she’d be able to make it through her travels. Either way, from a fellow woman, I hope she’ll make it out safely.

I Roam Alone

Screenshot:กระแสเอเชียใต้ x พูดทั้งโลก

Translation: She’s too hungry for content and that she didn’t properly assess the situation. She’s stubborn, and I’m saying this with good intentions. 


Screenshot:กระแสเอเชียใต้ x พูดทั้งโลก

Translation: She knew it was risky and still wanted to try. If you want to travel solo, you better make it back on your own too.


Screenshot:กระแสเอเชียใต้ x พูดทั้งโลก

Translation: Leave her alone. Rich people don’t understand real suffering, people like her need to go explore the world and see others suffer.  She doesn’t have a sense of humanity.

Traveling solo is a brave move

Whilst traveling solo has become more a trend over these recent years – especially for women -, it’s still considered a brave endeavor. It takes a lot of guts and planning to roam a foreign country all by yourself.

So, let’s give these courageous wanderlusters a round of applause.

Have you traveled solo before? What was your most exciting experience?

Cover image adapted from: Google Maps (Left), I Roam Alone via Kapook (Right)

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