Housemates receive ฿300K electricity bill  

Part of adulting is paying our utility bills. No matter how much it costs – rain or shine – it’s something we have to do as tenants, as well as homeowners.

Though, there are rare cases that our electricity bills may be higher than what we’d expect.

These three housemates in Sattahip, Chonburi were probably shocked when they received their recent electricity bill that totaled up to around ฿300,000 (~USD9,104). We’re sure this amount resulted in charging heart rates.

So, why are their bills so costly? Do they blast the air conditioner 24/7? Let’s find out.

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Housemates surprised by ฿300K electricity bill

Mr. Jenrobe Saenghuad lives with his two other housemates in Sattahip, Chonburi. The trio share the cost of monthly electricity bills, which usually comes up to less than ฿1,000 (~USD30); so imagine their shock when they were charged a little over ฿300,000 (~USD9,104) for July 2021.

Locals speculate that the upsurge has something to do with the new electricity metre installed in June, according to Naewna. Up to date, there is little solid evidence that points to the new metre being the cause of the sudden jump in price. So, the housemates have yet to contact officials about the matter.

If the amount they owe is correct, then the housemates would have to consider selling the house to make the payment.

Image credit: Naewna

Early in 2021, they were usually charged ฿700 (~USD22) per month for electricity. However, their statements slowly escalated over time, reaching approximately ฿1,000 (~USD30) in April, then ฿2,000 (~USD61) in June.

One of the housemates holding the electricity bill
Image credit: Naewna

While it’s unclear whether their electricity consumption had increased in relation to the bill, the housemates stated that they still experience frequent blackouts. They stated that they have one air conditioner, but barely use it.

How do monthly electricity bills work in Thailand?

Electricity bills are billed on a monthly cycle in Thailand. You will be charged according to the price per unit as well as your electricity usage – these figures are printed on an orange slip that are usually sent out in the middle of every month.

Electricity bills are tallied up by an electric metre installed by the development or the government.
Image credit: Naewna

One can make their payment at 7-Eleven stores, banks, department stores, post offices, or directly at the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), as mentioned by Bangkok Property Services.

Surging electricity bill incidences from electrical leakage

Locals are probably thanking Mr. Saenghuad for publicising his surging electricity bill. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case: households have had to pay unusually high amounts for their electricity bills last April due to electrical leakage.

If your electricity utility bills are higher than usual, you may contact the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) at 1129 or their live chat.

We hope the matter gets resolved without Mr. Saenghuad and his housemates having to sell the house.

Cover images adapted from: Naewna

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