Thai monk arrested for scam

People come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes religious figures who may not always be virtuous.

Just two days ago, a Thai monk was arrested for pretending to be disabled while collecting monetary alms at a market in Sattahip; his actions are wrongful according to Buddhist teachings and Thai laws.

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On 3rd April 2021, Buddhist Provost Tasni Khunakorn – Abbot of Sattahip Temple – worked with the police and the rescue team to take Mr. Nipon Uppathamthipaya, a 62-year-old monk from Kanchanaburi, into custody for engaging in an unauthorized monetary alms collecting at Sattahip Morning Market.

monk faints
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According to the locals, Mr. Uppathamthipaya often visits the morning market wearing an oxygen mask with a urine bag by his side; the then-monk also claimed to be mute by using a megaphone modified from a car stereo to broadcast his situation. 

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While some had sympathised with the monk, many had found it unethical and even suspicious, which led to a series of complaints and later his apprehension on Saturday.

On the day of his arrest, Mr. Uppathamthiphaya suddenly threw his body – “fainted” – on the ground after realising that the officers were approaching him. Upon “recovering”, the monk feigned mental disability and even deafness to convince authorities of his innocence. 

monk acts disabled
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Yet, the police along with the other monks and the rescue team pushed to disrobe the monk and took him to Sattahip Police Station for further prosecution.

monk carried away
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The operation went on smoothly despite Mr. Uppathamthiphaya’s insistence on lying down and needing to be carried by officers, as reported on Workpoint News 23.

Karma strikes

While this story tells us that acting classes are not the only way one develops such acting skills, it acts as a reminder that doing things in the name of survival won’t get you so far either.

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