Monk takes care of underprivileged kids in Thailand

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When we think of the word ‘family’, it often gives us a heartwarming image of our parents, siblings, and other relatives. Sadly, there are many children who don’t know how comforting this word can be.

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Meet Phrakru Samhuthongma Oakkadhammo, also known as Luang-por Thongma. He is a 50-year-old monk at Watpadonyai Temple in Thailand’s Nakhon Ratchasima province, and he has been taking care of local orphans since 1997.

Children from broken families or orphaned

Monk takes care of kidsHe even adopted 2-month-old boy
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Luang-por Thongma has always been determined to provide support for children. In 1997, he met a child whose parents had recently gotten divorced. He then asked the parents if he could take the child under his wing to raise him, which they allowed.

Since then, he has raised over 100 boys and given them a new lease of life.

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Luang-por Thongma gets additional support from local villagers, and tirelessly goes out to ask alms to get food to feed the children. Moreover, he also sends them to study in a local school in the nearby Donyai Village until they graduate from 6th grade. They are then arranged to attend Sath-dhamwittaya Buddhist School if they want to continue studying.

Doesn’t expect anything in return

When asked of what he hopes to achieve, Luang-por Thongma shared that he hoped the kids would grow up to become good people, gain knowledge, and be able to take care of themselves in the real world.

Monk takes care of kidsImage credit: postnet

Some kids have since made it to receive their Bachelor’s degree from universities, going on to become teachers, officers, and soldiers. Luang-por Thongma has never expected anything in return, but only hopes to see the kids again once in awhile.

We really appreciate what Good Samaritans like Luang-por Thongma, and we wish him and the children under his care all the best!

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