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Latest in the recent Covid-19 updates: the Thai government is prepared to launch a mobile application where citizens can make reservations for their Covid-19 vaccinations, “Mor Prom” in May.

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Book Covid-19 vaccinations through Mor Prom

In order for Thailand to truly step into a post-Covid world, they must first create herd immunity. In order to facilitate the process, the Ministry of Public Health has developed an app, Mor Prom, an easy and simple way for Thais to book an appointment for their Covid-19 immunisations.

In hopes of having half of the population vaccinated, the ministry’s permanent secretary, Dr. Kiattiphum Wongrajit, urged citizens to download the app and register for two doses of the vaccine by June 2021.

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The vaccines in use will be Sinovac and AstraZeneca; the latter currently being produced by a local manufacturer, Siam Bioscience, according to Bangkok Post.

The mobile application will also have a feature that monitors the health of the vaccinated patients.

Covid-19 vaccination in Thailand

Citizens who register for the vaccination can get their Covid-19 shots at their regular hospitals or those under their social security contract. Once vaccinated, each citizen will receive a digital certificate that announces their immunity and is applicable for an International Travel Health Certificate finally unchaining the gates of travelling.

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Citizens without access to the app do not have to worry as the Government will deploy mobile vaccine units to the nation’s rural areas, they are also developing secondary channels for citizens to register for Covid-19 inoculations.

As the number of the vaccines are still limited, the government will prioritize those who need the most attention first before distributing to the rest of the population.

Keep them coming

It seems that happy news in regards to Covid-19 has been coming in one after another, which is something we’re more than grateful for. We can only hope that it keeps going in this direction so that we can be out in the great big adventures of the world once again.

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