Cat predicts lottery numbers 

They say there are no shortcuts to success; however, winning the lottery can surely give you a leg up. A large portion of Thais try their luck in the Thai Government Lottery every day – it’s such a big part of the culture that there are famed sites that many travel to in hopes of “seeing” the winning numbers. 

There are also professional and famed lottery number predictors. Recently, there’s been a new addition to the list – Jao Tone, or “Lord Tone”, a cat from a small town in Ang Thong who frequently helps locals foresee winning lottery numbers. Due to his success rate, lottery enthusiasts from all over the country now make the trip to the Wiset Chai Chan district.

A beloved cat among locals   

Jao Tone is a black and white cat that is often spotted near the Wat Mai Khok Moringa temple in Wiset Chai Chan. Locals believe that by coming to the temple to make merits, Jao Tone will bless them with his lottery predictions by sitting close to a vehicle whose registration plates contain the winning numbers. 

cat predicts lottery numbers
Image credit: Naewna

According to Naewna, Jao Tone’s most recent prediction came in the form of a motorcycle: the kitty was spotted resting on a bike’s seat, which caused locals to quickly publicise the registration numbers for other lottery enthusiasts.

cat predicts lottery numbers at templeJao Toon ‘merch’
Screenshot: Bao Toon

Jao Toon attracts such a large number of people to the temple that the committee has elected to sell tote bags of the lucky cat for ฿99 (~USD3.29).

famous cat predicts lottery numbers
The cat’s predictions are so accurate that even renowned lottery forecaster, Jae Fong, mentioned Jao Tone’s abilities on her page.
Screenshot:เจ๊ฟองเบียร์ เลขพารวย

Caught in the meow-ment 

While travelling to see a cat for winning lottery numbers seems like a fun – and rewarding – adventure, it’s crucial that we do so mindfully. Please abide by whatever safety measures set by the national and provincial authorities, this will keep you & our feline Nostradamus safe. 

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Featured images adapted from Naewna

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