‘Tiger’ the travelling cat

After Thai netizens had a heated debate over the Pornhub ban just days before, we are now taking a moment of online peace to appreciate a fat orange cat named Suea* whose story and pictures went viral.

*Suea means “tiger” in Thai.

Image credit: Nha Maew

Yesterday, Nha Maew posted Suea’s story along with a bunch of cute photos of him on their Facebook page, sharing how this big guy loves to wander outside the house. 

But this chubby fellow isn’t your usual cat – Suea often waited for his owner, who is a loving grandma, to pick him up while outside. Yep, she has to spend some time looking for her boy before carrying him home like a baby.

The post has garnered almost 6,000 shares with around 1,000 comments in less than 24 hours. 

Rescued by grandma

Image credit: พี่เสือ แมวน้ำมันหมู

Apart from Suea’s peculiar behaviour, his backstory grabbed a lot of attention and touched many hearts. 

This mischievous boy was actually a stray cat when this grandma found him in a sugarcane plantation. She then took him into her home and named him Suea despite the fact that grandma didn’t have much money to care for herself.

Each day, all grandma could get for Suea was rice mixed with lard. And although it doesn’t sound much, this simple meal kept Suea alive and the two have developed a strong bond as time went by. 

Folks help raise Suea via donations 

Image credit: ป๋าเถิก เปิดกรุ

We did some research and found that Suea and grandma made headlines earlier this year. Undoubtedly, their story touched many pet-loving hearts. 

A lot of people ended up donating food and money for Suea to help grandma raise him with proper food and healthcare when needed.

Image credit: พี่เสือ แมวน้ำมันหมู

If you’re falling in love with this little tiger, you can keep up with his daily life as well as donate food and goods via his official Facebook page here

The page is being run by Khun Boom, a pet lover who discovered this heartwarming story.

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Featured image adapted from: พี่เสือ แมวน้ำมันหมู

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