This Is Thailand’s Very Own Grumpy Cat & His Job Is To Guard Watermelons

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Kaimook – the grumpy cat of Thailand

watermelon boss
Image credit: นายไข่มุก ครับ

When the world found out about Grumpy Cat a little less than a decade ago, the lives of memers were changes forever. Sadly, she’s since left us with a gaping, grumpy cat-shaped void in our hearts when she passed away last year.

But not to worry – meet Kaimook (Pearl in English). From his grisly glare to his unimpressed stance, it’s no surprise that he’s been dubbed the Grumpy Cat of Thailand.

Works as a watermelon supervisor

Okay, so maybe Kaimook doesn’t officially have a job as a watermelon supervisor – but do cats ever need an excuse not to be the boss?

grumpy cat thailand
Image credit: นายไข่มุก ครับ

grumpy cat watermelon 2
Image credit: นายไข่มุก ครับ

Kaimook’s owner, Pui, has owned her furry friend for 5-6 years. Here are some fun facts about this grumpy boi:

  1. Kaimook loves the sea
  2. He hates children (sorry kids, no pats for you)
  3. He doesn’t like being alone – if so, he’d destroy everything in the room if he’s angry

He also loves following his family to the farm, which is where his hilarious watermelon images started popping up.

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Kaimook visits the farm

Netizens have been in stitches ever since photos of the feline started going viral too.

grumpy cat comment

Translation: He’s the real owner

pearl the grumpy cat kaimook

Translation: He’s like a cute, chubby white bullfrog!

grumpy cat comment 3

Translation: Aw, look at his belly.

grumpy cat watermelon 3
Showing the other kitties who’s boss
Image credit: นายไข่มุก ครับ

grumpy cat thailand watermelons
Watermelon thieves beware
Image credit: นายไข่มุก ครับ

Loves to chill at home too

All work and no chillin’ makes for a dull kitty, so when Kaimook isn’t busy being purr-fect at his job, he’s at home getting the rest he deserves.

kaimook the cat
Image credit: นายไข่มุก ครับ

grumpy cat thailand 2
In the mood for Songkran?
Image credit: นายไข่มุก ครับ

grumpy cat thailand 3
Image credit: นายไข่มุก ครับ

kaimook the kitty
Image credit: นายไข่มุก ครับ

Whether it’s guarding watermelons or being a king at home, Kaimook has defo caught our hearts.

He’s put a smile on our faces for sure – something we all need during this time.

And of course, with all of us being in the middle of a pandemic, don’t forget to stay safe. And in case you forget, here’s a gentle reminder from the watermelon boi himself:

grumpy cat facemask
Don’t forget your face masks, people
Image credit: นายไข่มุก ครับ

Keep up with Mr. Kaimook on Youtube here!

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