Semen from used condoms are used in a ‘love potion’ 

Believe it or not, Thai witchcraft or mon dum still exists in contemporary Siam. These dark arts don’t only appear in Harry Potter books here, as many in Thailand believe that casting a spell on yourself and others really does work.

Although, using human discharge in the pursuit of creating a ‘love potion’ is just another level of unimaginable hocus pocus.

Is it really effective? What do people have to say about its cleanliness?

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Shaman’s ‘love potion’ ingredients make netizens worry about hygiene

According to reports from 11th August 2021, Mr. Tharit Petchthong a.k.a Ajarn Mee has been reported to extract semen from used condoms. He then mixes the discharge with bee’s wax in order to create his ‘love potions’.

For those who wonder about the potion’s application, it has to be smeared on the user’s skin – this has led netizens to worry about others’ hygiene when applying his elixir.

Adapted images from: Kapook


Netizen 1: So disgusting. He’s mixed semen with bee’s wax and going to con people into buying his services.

Netizen 2: If the person has AIDS, and it’s been applied on a wound, the person will be infected. He deserves to be busted by the Ministry of Public Health.

Netizen 3: Gross!

Netizen 4: What is this?

Netizen 5: I want to vomit!

One netizen brought up that the semen could hold traces of Covid-19, HIV/AIDS, or other diseases.

Ajarn Mee originally shared news about his new product in a Facebook post that has since been deleted due to a number of social media users denouncing his practices, according to Kapook.

Image credit: Kapook

What else did this shaman do in the past?

Besides dropping seminal fluid into a potion to cast some abracadabra on his clients’ love lives, Ajarn Mee has also been known for conducting other procedures in the past.

Last year, Ajarn Mee reportedly stole human ashes from Cambodia. He then stuffed these particles into Kuman – “infant” in English – dolls, which were then illegally shipped to Vietnam, reported Kapook.

The shaman claimed that he’s since terminated the operation because the buyers in Vietnam didn’t fulfill their end of the bargain. This meant Ajarn Mee was out ฿300,000 (~USD8,971).

Image credit: เฟซบุ๊ก เจ๊ม้อยv+ via Kapook

Old superstition goes that placing the ashes of a deceased child into a doll would give their spirit a way to live on.

Do you believe in his love potion?

Whether or not Ajarn Mee’s ‘love potion’ is effective, tampering with black magic should be done with utmost caution. While there are experts who claim to be well-versed in the subject, we’d also recommend you double check their credentials and past clients’ experiences.

Hopefully, you find one whose practices don’t violate any and all rules of hygiene.

Cover images adapted from: Kapook

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