Used condoms found on a roof in Thailand

Strange things do happen everywhere around the world, including Thailand. One minute you’re seeing kids riding an elephant to school and the next a petty burglar pooping behind trucks just because he doesn’t have anything to steal.

Here’s another bizarre instance: a woman in Nonthaburi found used condoms on her roof. The weirder part? It seems to be a recurring event.

Read below for the full story as well as what the netizens have to say.

Strange happenings in Thailand:

Woman finds used condoms slipping down the rain pipe

On 10th August 2021, a Facebook user shared photos of her roof that was covered with used condoms to a public group for Nonthaburi residents. In her post, she stated that someone has been throwing used condoms over to her residence.

condom fb post
Screenshot: ข่าวสาร-คนปากเกร็ด

Translation: I have a question. My house’s in Soem Suk Nakhon Village and beside us is Baan Lumpini Townsville. The thing is someone has been throwing used condoms at my window, but I’m not sure which house they’re coming from. I’m assuming it’s not one of my next door neighbours since there’s an elderly living in one and no one in another. So, my guess is the opposite house in Baan Lumpini Townsville and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do.

Not knowing what to do, she came straight to the netizens and asked for suggestions.

house in nonthaburi
Image credit: One 31

Upon hearing the story, a reporter made a visit to her house on 11th August 2021 around 12.30PM.

nonthaburi house owner mom
Ms. Tasana Suksaeng works as a maid and has been living in the house for six years.
Image credit: One 31

Arriving at the two-storey townhouse in Soem Suk Nakhon Village in Nonthaburi, the reporter met with the Facebook user’s mother, Ms. Tasana Suksaeng. She explained that she found a used condom at the bottom of the rain pipe in their kitchen a week ago.

Yesterday, she found two more in her house – one even containing blood remnants.

Mother worries for the safety of her family

Like her daughter, Ms. Suksaeng also believes that the condoms are coming from the house behind them. She further confirmed that there’s only one person – a granny – who lives next door to them.

Ms. Suksaeng also shares that she feels uncomfortable seeing the rubbers and fears for the safety of her family – who are mostly composed of females, including: her, her two daughters, and two small children.

With the Covid-19 still spreading, she also worries that the used condoms may be potentially infected, and would thereby pose a danger to her kids.

As of now, Ms. Suksaeng has already contacted the juristic office to take care of the situation. She also left a message nudging the offenders to give a little thought into their actions on Facebook.

Netizens’ words of “advice”

Ever since the story was posted, many netizens have come in to give their two cents on the situation, including the condoms’ possible origins.

While Ms. Suksaeng suspects her neighbours, netizens are saying that the condoms could be falling from heaven. After all, how can an item get so high up on a roof.

netizen comment
Screenshot: @onenews31

Translation: They fell from heaven.

Other netizens are, however, more practical with some suggesting that they get a DNA test to solve the mystery once and for all.

netizen comment
Screenshot: @onenews31

Translation: Just get the DNA tested.

Whereas this netizen made a funny remark on how it’s a condom, not a baby tooth. The comment refers to a Thai belief that chucking baby teeth onto a rooftop will make your teeth grow back faster.

netizen comment
Screenshot: @onenews31

Translation: That’s a condom, not a baby tooth.

Call out the wrongdoers for a better society

While used condoms on your roof are not a pretty sight to see and definitely not an easy thing to bring up in public, it’s still an important topic to address as a reminder of what we don’t want to see in our society.

Moreover, we should also be considerate of others, even if it’s in your own space. Cuz at the end of the day, you’re still a neighbour to someone.

What are your opinions on the story? Have you encountered anything as strange? Share with us in the comments.

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