Military sergeant criticised for getting Pfizer vaccine

The United States of America recently donated 1.5 million doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to Thailand. Many Thais are aiming for these doses due its high efficacy rates in combating the Delta Variant.

However, a majority of those doses are allocated for healthcare workers.

With the government announcing that the inoculations will go to these heroes, and not to VIP patients, netizens were upset to hear that a military sergeant had recently received a Pfizer jab.

This is what he has to say about this matter.

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Military sergeant clarified he’s a nurse

Mr. Noppadon Maneechan, a military sergeant who’s based in Loei province received a dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine on 7th August 2021. In recent months, citizens have been critical of the government’s vaccination rollout and speculating that doses have been reserved for VIP citizens, like government officers and military personnel. He has since come under fire for receiving a dose of the Pfizer vaccine, according to the Thaiger.

Following the accusations of special treatment, Mr. Maneechan clarified that he is actually a nurse at the Khai Si Song Rak Hospital. And, as he is in close contact with Covid-19 patients and is a healthcare worker, he got the Pfizer jab fair and square.

An example of a netizen’s criticism towards the nurse’s inoculation
Screenshot: Komchadluek

Translation: This guy isn’t a doctor…

As a military nurse, how come you took the vaccine before the front liners?

…Only personnel receives Pfizer first

Ms. Preeda Woraharn, an official from Loei, has further confirmed that Mr. Maneechan is eligible for a dose of Pfizer because he’s a medical professional.

Medical front-liners were promised Pfizer

The original policy was that Pfizer would act as a third “booster” shot for medical professionals who have already received two doses of the Sinovac vaccine. Following denunciation about the specific criteria, the administration has since amended the programme, as written in Coconuts Bangkok.

Now, medical workers who have already received two doses of Sinovac or Sinopharm are eligible to receive a Pfizer “booster” shot. Additionally, those who have already received their first dose of any vaccine can choose to have a Pfizer shot as their second one.

After the arrival of the Pfizer vaccine, activists questioned if medical staff would actually be the first to receive the inoculation.

Staying put amidst difficult times 

The situation has been taxing on everyone. Considering how long it’s been going on, it’s completely understandable to feel frustrated and low-energy.

While we’re sure that everyone is following health protocols to the best of their ability, we also hope that you are taking care of your mental health. Making sure that your mind is sound is also crucial towards combatting this invisible force.

Cover images adapted from: Shutterstock via Pharmaceutical Technology

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