Miss Grand Scotland holds up a 3 finger salute 

Due to beauty pageant contestants’ grace and poise, they automatically become the talk of the town. They’re also commended for using their voices and platforms to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Ms. Helen Catherine Maher a.k.a Miss Grand Scotland 2020 is one of the aforementioned participants – she is currently raising awareness about the protests in Thailand.

Here’s the story of how a beauty queen is shedding light on Thailand’s current situation.

Insights on Thailand’s current affairs:

Miss Grand Scotland wrote emails to the United Nations

On 13th August 2021, Miss Grand Scotland 2020, Helen Maher, shared her images of her displaying a three-finger salute for Thailand. As many fans of The Hunger Games know, it’s the Mocking Jay gesture; Thailand’s anti-government protestors have adopted the symbol as a sign of their cause. In the photo, she held up a sign with #WhatshappeninginThailand with a mini version of the country’s flag.

In favour of enhancing the visibility of the cause on the social media platform, Ms.Maher tagged Miss Grand organisations, other Miss Grand candidates, and the United Nations on her Instagram post.

Screenshot: @helenmaherr

Since 6th August 2021, the beauty contestant has been posting the protests. In one of her captions, Ms. Maher affirmed that she has written emails to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights’ (OHCHR) Regional Office for Southeast Asia about the situation.

Screenshot: @helenmaherr

Moreover, the beauty contestant has been resharing Thai netizens’ posts surrounding the current political state through her IG story.

Images adapted from: @helenmaherr

Origins of the 3 finger salute in Thailand’s political movements 

The distinctive Mocking Jay salutes – also known as the three-finger salute – first appeared in 2014 after the Thai military staged a coup, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This symbol signifies the demonstrators’ three demands: the creation of a new constitution, a newly elected parliament, and an end to intimidation tactics being used on citizens.

GIF: Anons Ehmoose

The salute reappeared again in 2020 as thousands of protestors marched down the streets to show their defiance of the Prayuth Chan-o-cha administration’s actions.

Utilisation of global fame

Miss Grand Scotland 2020 is one of the examples of contestants utilising their fame to raise public awareness of a global cause. Similarly, other candidates who participated in Miss Universe 2020 highlighted other issues.

This is one of the ways that those with numerous followers on their social media platform can take advantage of their clout.

Cover image adapted from: @helenmaherr

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