Hospital patients are being treated outdoors 

Due to the surge of Covid-19 cases, officials have set up field hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients. In places with soaring Covid-19 cases, some medical facilities have been forced to turn outdoor spaces into treatment centre, like these floating rafts in Yala.

Similar to the al fresco recovery centre in Yala, patients at Saraburi Hospital are being treated outside. The facility’s reasoning behind their decision is to decrease the number of suspected Covid-19 cases inside the facility’s emergency room, thereby curbing the spread of the virus.

Will this system be efficient for the patients?

Our most recent Covid-19 news:

Patients suspected of having Covid-19 are being treated outside

Patients who are suspected of having Covid-19 were seen being treated right in front of Saraburi Hospital. They are being asked to receive their medical treatment in the open air in order to decrease the likelihood of non-Covid patients being placed in closed quarters with infected persons, and due to an overflow of patients. If the patients receive a positive Covid-19 test result, then they will receive treatment inside the hospital, clarified Dr. Thumthongsuk Munkhong, the hospital’s Deputy Medical Director, according to MGR Online.

TikToker, @tam_watchara, uploaded a video showing these patients being treated outside on 21st July 2021.

Image credit: MGR Online

The footage showed that the patients’ beds are lined up side-by-side a few metres away from the street.

Screenshot: @tam_watchara

Translation: The medical staff at Saraburi Hospital have revealed that patients are being treated outside of the hospital. The breeze has been unusually strong, resulting in the partitions falling over. This is a testament to our country’s medical system. 

The video has since been shared over 36,000 times.

Netizens question the efficiency of the hospital’s treatment plan

Netizens are speculating whether the outdoor treatment plan is effective towards the patients’ recovery.

Screenshot: @tam_watchara

Netizen 1: What happens if it rains?

Netizen 2: They can pitch a tent. Can’t they sort out a budget for a tent?

Screenshot: @tam_watchara

Translation: Has our country come to this point? 

Screenshot: @tam_watchara

Translation: This is a depressing sight to see. Just wondering whether or not the airborne virus could infect others, since they’re out in the open and right by the road like this. 

Staying resilient during the pandemic

The Covid-19 situation has forced us to stay patient and resilient, as well as showed the extents to which communities are willing to go to in order to keep each other safe.

Thus, it’s very crucial now to do our part and help curb the spread of the virus by staying home and away from crowds. We can try our best to stay connected and support each other through modern technology.

Cover image adapted from: MGR Online (Left), Manita Thodpetch (Right)

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