Rafts turn into floating field hospitals 

Ever since the surge of Covid-19 cases in December, the Thai government has classified provinces into different coloured zones based on the volume of Covid-19 cases. 

Recently, Yala is one of the southern Thai provinces that has been listed as a “dark-red” zone. Dark red provinces are to be under maximum control, with more Covid-19 checkpoints than others. 

Due to rising Covid-19 case numbers, Thantho Hospital has turned rafts into floating mini field hospitals to treating Yala’s Covid-19 patients.

Let’s see how they came to the decision to create floating field hospitals.

Recent Covid-19 updates:

Rafts for Covid-19 patients

Thantho Hospital will rent out floating rafts in the Bang Lang Dam in order to turn them into field hospitals for recovering Covid-19 patients. 

yala-raft-field-hospitalImage credit: Khaosod

On 27th June 2021, Dr. Masaran Tale, hospital’s director elaborated that patients will have their symptoms monitored and evaluated over seven days according to Sanook.

yala-raft-field-hospitalImage credit: Khaosod

The hospital administration was unable to find suitable locations for field hospitals on land, so they decided to turn to rafts instead.

Rafts on Bang Lang Dam 

The hospital has placed nurses on the raft for medical emergencies. Additionally, there’s an emergency response team on standby along the dam’s shores to ensure patients are efficiently transported to the hospital. 

yala-raft-field-hospitalImage credit: MGR Online

Each raft can host a maximum of 20 persons. Fans, mattresses and an effective sewage system will be provided. 

yala-raft-field-hospitalImage credit: MGR Online

There will also be police officers on the rafts in order to prevent any escape attempts. 

Covid-19 cases in Yala

Dr. Tale stated that the Yala province’s Covid-19 cases are consistently increasing. The floating rafts will be a tool in limiting mass social gatherings within the communities. 

As of 28th June 2021, the Yala province has a total of 1,654 Covid-19 cases, according to the Ministry of Public Health

Staying safe in dark-red zones

With the unpredictability of Covid-19, many administrations have had to adjust policies and practices in order to keep everyone safe. Thantho Hospital’s decision to turn floating rafts into field hospitals is a testimony of peoples’ adaptability. 

We’re rooting for those in Yala, and other dark-red provinces to win the fight against Covid-19. 

For those who are located in dark-red zones, the best way to help is to stay home and follow all hygiene measures. 

While it seems we’ve been isolated at home for a while, and stir craziness may be kicking in, maintaining social distance from our friends and family is recommended right now because of the current situation.

Cover images adapted from: MGR Online (Left), Khaosod (Right)

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