Thailand considers strict lockdown

Thailand’s Covid-19 cases are consistently rising due to the fast-spreading Delta variant of the virus; daily infection rates have been increasing by over 10,000 cases since 17th July 2021. 

Due to these high numbers, Thai officials are considering going into a lockdown that resembles the Wuhan model to curb further spreading within the next two months.

Here are the details of the current situation, and what the administration plans to do.

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Thailand considers imposing a strict lockdown in two months

On 19th July 2021, Dr. Opart Karnkawinpong, the Department of Disease Control’s Director-General, asserted that if Covid-19 infection rates continue to rise, it’s possible that the country would enter a strict lockdown in the next two months. The measures would resemble those used in the Wuhan model from 2020.

This means cities will go into complete lockdown – people will not be permitted to leave their houses and a complete travel ban would be imposed, according to The Thaiger. However, supermarkets will be operating daily.

Thailand-considers-lockdown-julyImage credit: ABC News

The Wuhan model refers to the first lockdown in Wuhan City, China. 11 million of the city’s residents were confined to their homes and public spaces were completely off-limits, with the exception of pharmacies and food shops, according to The Guardian.

Thailand’s total cases are almost at 400,000

Thailand logged 11,305 new Covid-19 cases on 20th July 2021, bringing up the sum of total infections to 397,612.

However, 268,782 patients have recovered from the virus, with over 6,000 patients discharged from medical facilities.

Image credit: Richard Barrow in Thailand

Still pursuing our goals at home

With surging infections and measures are getting tougher, we’re currently encouraged to stay put at home.

While we may be longing to go on those trips we planned before, or have run out of tricks to teach our pets, we can still find ways to make our stay at home a pleasant one. This also means we can refine our skills and pursue our goals in a different way.

What are your current goals that you plan to work on?

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