New AstraZenca vaccine shots registrations for seniors above 60

Thailand has been doing its best to expedite the inoculation of its population to contain the pandemic and reopen the country by October 2021. However, the shortages of vaccines have been making it hard for Thailand to keep up with its game plan.

Many from the first priority groups such as seniors and those with chronic diseases are still left in the waiting line. But that’s about to change.

Senior citizens will now be able to sign up for the shots via the Thai Ruam Jai website and a few other channels from 16th July.

Here are the details regarding the announcement.

Recent Covid-19 updates:

Seniors to register for vaccines via Thai Ruam Jai, Paotang app, and convenience stores

Seniors – aged above 60 or those who are born before 17th July 1961 – living in Bangkok will be able to register for AstraZeneca shots through Thai Ruam Jai website, an application called “Paotang“, and stores including 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Tops Daily, and Mini Big C from 16th July 2021, 12PM onwards.

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The details of the announcement.
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The inoculations will begin from 19th July 2021 at over 25 places in Bangkok, wrote Thai PBS.

This announcement was made by Thai Ruam Jai as part of a new campaign called “Safe Bangkok” on 15th July 2021.

Reasons for the delay of Thai Ruam Jai sessions

Thai Ruam Jai further stated that citizens aged between 18-59 who have previously registered for vaccinations via its website will get their shots as soon as more doses arrive.

The recipients will not have to re-register and will receive a notification detailing their new vaccine appointments at the same place they’ve booked.

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Apparently, the delay in these sessions previously was due to the shortage of Covid-19 vaccine doses.

However, the reason for giving senior citizens priority is to adhere to the Ministry of Public Health’s recommendation of inoculating the seniors and those with chronic diseases first – in the hopes of relieving the current spread within communities.

Just one more step towards containing the pandemic

Although we’ll have to stay safe at home a little longer while we’re waiting for our vaccines, it’s still good to hear that our elders are getting the shots that they need.

With Pfizer coming along, we could say it’s just one more step we have to take as a nation, before we can return to the new normal and meet up with our friends again.

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