Man rescued while swimming home

Man Swim
Images adapted from: TNNThailand

On 14th April 2020, police reported a man rescued by a Thai local fisherman when he was found drifting in the sea near the shore of Puyu sub-district in Satun province, where he was trying to swim across the sea back home – from Malaysia.

Tried to swim back home

Man Swim
Image adapted from: TNNThailand

Currently, the Thailand-Malaysia border has been shut down, making it impossible for Ratanapol Pan-un, 45, to travel back to his home in Satun. 

Instead of waiting for the checkpoint to be reopened on 18th April 2020, he was way too desperate and decided to make his own way back home, any means necessary. 

Lt. Col. Banjerd Manavej said Mr. Ratanapol was found exhausted when the fisherman approached him. Officer Banjerd also added that Ratanapol walked along the border between Perlis, Malaysia and Puyu sub-district, Satun for over 2 days until he arrived at Baan Khlong Kram, Thailand, which had a 100m wide canal. 

He believed he could make his way back home by swimming, so he did. At the middle of the way, he felt too exhausted as the currents were too strong. He, luckily, found a Thai local fisherman and begged him for help.

The point where he tried to swim back home was only 100 metres wide, but he failed as the strong currents pulled him into the sea. 

He’s now safe and in quarantine

Man Swim
Image credit: TNNThailand

Although he showed no symptoms of COVID-19, he was delivered to a hospital for a check-up as a precaution and to ensure his safety. 

He is now safe and at a state quarantine facility, as he is required to quarantine himself for the next 14 days, said Officer Banjerd. 

We understand that he might be in what seems to be a hopeless situation that pushed him to become desperate, but due to his illegal entry into Thailand via swimming, Mr. Ratanapol will unfortunately have criminal charges filed against him. 

Remember to keep calm and abide by the rules, and to seek help from officials if you find yourself in a dire situation amid the pandemic.

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