Man arrested in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Man
Images adapted from: Chiang Rai Times, Chiang Mai One

Police officers have arrested a 40-year-old man after a video of him licking a fence’s handrail in Saraphi sub-district, Chiang Mai province went viral on Facebook over the past couple of days.

He was recorded in the act

Chiang Mai Man
Image credit:
Chiang Rai Times

After the video was reviewed, local police and healthcare officers were able to identify the man. They went down to his residence in Yangnerng sub-district on 11th April 2020 to take him into custody. 

Chiang Mai Man
Local police and healthcare officers went down to his place
Image credit: Chiang Mai News

The officers had a talk with him and found that he gathered old and used items to sell for a living.

Chiang Mai Man
Image adapted from: Chiang Mai One

After cooperating with the officers, he was sent to Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital in Chiang Mai for a mental health check-up. Health officers at the hospital said he was found to have antisocial behaviour after a previous nervous breakdown, according to his mental history.

However, they were unable to identify his intentions behind licking the fence.

Chiang Mai Man
he was sent to the Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital for a mental health check
Image credit: Chiang Mai News

Local officers from Public Health at Saraphi District were armed with cleaning equipment and properly disinfected the area so that other residents were safe.

Although we don’t know why he behaved the way he did, we hope he stays safe and can be in a sanitised environment.

As for the rest of us, remember to abide by the necessary safety measures and take care during the pandemic.

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