Lives affected by COVID-19

Thai man asked to be jailed for food and accommodation after losing job in COVID-19 Images adapted from: Post today and Matichon Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many workers out of their jobs, with businesses having to implement layoffs and pay cuts.

One man in Phuket was faced with a dire situation, which brought him to the extent of turning himself in and requesting to be put in jail in hopes of having a better life with food and accommodation.

Couldn’t go back home 

Thai man asked to be jailed for free food and accommodation
Image credit: Matichon Online

On 11th April 2020, police officers in Phuket were met with a 20-year-old man who willingly surrendered himself, claiming to have a tablet of amphetamine and thus needed to be put in jail.

This is a strange act for any criminal to do – so, the officers investigated further and asked him why he’d done so. The man then shared that he’d lost his job as an electrician and couldn’t go back to his hometown in Pattalung province as Phuket was currently under lockdown.

Thai jobless man asked to be jailed due to COVID-19Image credit: Post today

He thought that being in jail would be a better option, as he couldn’t afford anything without a current income.

The officers managed to contact his mom, who said that her child might have been feeling neglected due to her not being able to visit or bring him back home due to lockdown measures.

Eventually, the officers had to bring him under custody for drug possession. They were also afraid that the man would hurt himself from stress if he were to be released.

Encouragement and support from each other is important 

Besides our physical health, our mind and heart are other significant things to care for in order to get through this dark time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The best thing to do for each other is to check in on one another and provide support in any way possible. We hope this man will get through his problems soon, as does anyone else in his shoes.

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