Deliveries during self-quarantine

Thai Hardworking Delivery Rider earned over ฿50,000Images adapted from James Ttr Theptarin and SME Startup 

The COVID-19 virus has forced us to take precautionary measures like working from home and self-quarantining, including the latest curfew that bans anyone from heading out between 10pm-4am.

Many are hesitant to head out to buy groceries or food, leading to people turning to delivery service to get their essentials. 

A 27-year-old delivery driver shared how this influx in deliveries has allowed him to earn over ฿50,000 amid the COVID-19 crisis. 

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Wanted his experience to inspire others

Delivery service during COVID-19Image credit: Workpointnews

Teptarin “James” Chantim is a 27-year-old delivery driver working for LINEMAN and Lalamove who revealed that in just between the 15 days after the stay-at-home measure was announced, he got over ฿50,000 (~USD1,518.79) from 405 deliveries he made. 

At first, James worked as a taekwondo teacher, but went on to work as a delivery driver after he realised it was giving him a steady income. He said that he normally sets a goal to earn ฿3,300 a day, which requires him to work for over 14-15 hours. However, even if he stops for an hour to rest, he could lose ฿200 (~USD6). 

LINEMAN driver earned over ฿50,000Image credit: Workpointnews

“Working non-stop is painful and tiring, but if I stop, that means not reaching my goal for the day,” shared James.

On some days, he shared that he’s broken down in tears from exhaustion, but didn’t stop working. 

Delivery driver earned over ฿50,000 dering COVID-19Image credit: James Ttr Theptarin

He added that he wanted his experience to be an inspiration for others, especially his colleagues. Some drivers are tired and burnt out from the hot weather and other stress factions, but James’ grit and determination might give them the motivation to keep on going.

When about COVID-19, he said that he was scared at first, but couldn’t afford to stop working. He also gave advice for those who might have lost their jobs due to the virus to try their hand as a delivery job.

Turning a crisis into an opportunity 

This is an example of someone keeping their chin up and working hard in order to make ends meet.

While things may seem tough for many of us during this dark time, let’s keep on trying and get through this crisis by encouraging one another.

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