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Being a student abroad who is trying to make ends meet while being away from family is hard, but it’s even more difficult when the world has been hit with a pandemic. But if they’re in Australia, at least they won’t be starving as fellow Thai folks are looking out for them.

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Facebook page Thaiwahclub listed names of Thai restaurants around Australia that are offering free Thai food and rations like water and instant noodles to Thai students in need, who can’t find a side job to support themselves. 

These restaurants are mostly in bigger cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, where a considerable number of Thai students are living and studying in. 

Australian businesses have suffered

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After COVID-19 has hit Aussie’s shore, businesses have suffered from the pandemic, with many losing their jobs as a result – especially those who work part-time. Some people only have their hours or pay reduced, but this still affects their income nevertheless.  

Some serve non-students/Thai folks too

Darwin eatery Indian Curry Paradise – though not a Thai-owned business – is another place that is lending a helping hand to needy folks. 

Since 23rd March 2020, The restaurant has given out rice and curry to international students, homeless folks, and those with working visas but have no jobs due to the outbreak. They will continue to do so until further notice.  

For more details on all participating eateries, click here.

What wonderful news amid this COVID-19 chaos. Thank you all for caring about others during these difficult times – your help is most needed and appreciated.

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