Entire neighbourhood applauds health worker

claps for carers
Images adapted from: Metro.News

To show our appreciation to health workers who are working hard against COVID-19, we’ve come up with special campaigns like clapping and cheering from our buildings as an act of support. 

But nothing prepared us for this heartwarming, personal applause in the neighbourhood of Basingstoke, England, that left young paramedic Tayla Porter in tears.

tayla porter paramedic
Image credit: Metro.News

As Miss Porter stepped out of the house for work, the entire street filled with cheering and clapping, all just for her. Someone even left her a packet of Cadbury chocolates as a token of appreciation.

Early clapping just for her

tayla porter
Tayla (right) with her parents and younger sister
Image credit: Metro.co.uk

This special event took place after Miss Porter’s mom, Ali, had mentioned to her neighbours that her daughter would be at work when the entire nation planned to clap for healthcare workers during Clap For Carers that evening.

Even Ali was surprised when she saw the neighbours cheering for her daughter, as she didn’t think anything of it when she mentioned it at first.

This magical moment was captured and posted on Ali’s Facebook for the world to see. The video has since received 75,000 shares.

Health worker volunteer numbers exceeded expectations

nhs volunteers
Image credit: @NHSEngland

Many people are following Miss Porter’s footsteps and have applied to be health volunteers to defend their country from COVID-19 with the National Health Service (NHS), UK’s healthcare system and organisation.

The number of people who have signed up are over 750,000 and according to the NHS – that’s 3 times higher than they expected.

Miss Porter, along with all health workers, totally deserve all the applause and admiration for the hard work they’re doing. 

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