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800+ free online board games on TabletopiaImages adapted from: Tabletopia and Ryan Wallace

With COVID-19 spreading and self-isolation policies being implemented, our recreational plans like parties and group gatherings need to be cancelled. This means entertainment at home is the only option. 

If you’re bored from listening to music or watching Netflix and cartoons, you can invite your friends to play some board games together for free via Tabletopia

Over 800+ board games available for free

Playing online board games for free

Tabletopia is available both online and on mobile devices (iOS). On the home page, you will see different games to choose from, with the necessary information you need to know before playing. 

There is a variety of games ranging all sorts of genres of varying difficulties. For example, play popular card games like Texas Hold ’em, or exciting mystery games like Spyfall where you’ll have to explore to figure out who the liar in the bunch is.

Players can search for games using options like age limits, numbers of players, and languages. Moreover, you check out their most popular games that are ranked on the site. 

Tabletopia Offers Free Online Board Games

For solo players, head to the FIND & PLAY page to play games with other online players. There are game rooms to join in as well. You can play as a guest, but we’d recommend signing up to access more options, such as the chatroom where you can talk to your buddies while you play. 

over 800+ free board games on Tabletopia

There are different modes to play with, such as ‘PLAY HOTSEAT’, which allows multiple players to take turns on the same device, and ‘PLAY ONLINE’, where you can invite other players or your friends to play with you. 

Some games are available as ‘PLAY SOLO’ option where those who have a Premium account can play against a computer.

Tabletopia Offers Free Online Board Games

There is a room code at the bottom of player box which you can share with your friends

Stay at home without feeling bored

Staying alone at home may make you feel bored and miss your friends. So, this is something fun for everyone to do while spending time together. 

Let’s stay safe at home and with these fun board games. 

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