Landlord waives rent for 3 months

The novel coronavirus has stirred up the world and heavily impacted many throughout the globe – it has caused many to receive pay cuts, or lose their jobs entirely. In the case of renters, many have been forced to terminate their leases due to the fact that they do not have the necessary funds to continue their agreements.

To help improve the situation a little, an unnamed landlord in Thailand decided to waive their tenants’ rent for three months and even left some goodies outside their door.

Let’s explore what the tenants and netizens have to say about this act of kindness.

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Landlord waives rent for three months

A landlord of waived three months of rent at an apartment in Raminthra 99, Bangkok. According to a tenant’s post from 21st July 2021, the landlord even left a bag filled with dried foods at each of the residents’ doors. The reasoning behind the act of kindness is that they wanted to give their tenants some emotional encouragement and financial aid in these trying times, according to Sanook.

The average rent in the area is approximately ฿5,500 (~USD168)/month.

Image credit: Naewna 

Each of their goodie bags included:

  1. Two packages of instant noodles
  2. One bag of rice
  3. Canned fish
  4. Cartons of Ovaltine

Image credit: Sanook

The landlord also wrote a letter reading, “Covid-19 has heavily affected you and other tenants. Whether it be your jobs, financial stability, or mental health. Out of concern, we’ve decided to provide you with a gift of household supplies. We hope these will give you some encouragement. Please take care of your health. We can get through this together”.

Netizens praise the landlord

Waiving rent for three months is already a gesture that will surely be appreciated. Though, the landlord went above and beyond by leaving bags of dried goods in front of their residents’ doors. Here’s what netizens had to say about their actions.

Screenshot: Naewna


Netizen 1: Good people have good karma.

Netizen 2: This is the landlord of my dreams. Doesn’t only want to take from others but also wants to give. Plus, the items are pretty nice. 

landlord-waives-rentScreenshot: Sanook

Translation: We should help each other like, instead of fighting each other. I admire this story

landlord-waives-rentScreenshot: Sanook

Translation: I hope the tenants and landlord will be able to get through this critical period together.

Empathy always helps everyone

This unknown landlord’s actions demonstrate empathy and kindness, which are extremely valuable traits to have in trying times such as these.

Like the netizens, we hope that they will be able to move forward through this challenge as a community. As kindness tends to be contagious, we’re also excited to see more instances where individuals extend compassion towards others.

Cover image adapted from: Naewna (Left), Sanook (Right)

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