Food giveaways during Covid-19 in Thailand

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our livelihoods as well as our day-to-day lives.  Unfortunately, many have had to take reduced salaries or even face unemployment. 

These events have sparked empathy in others, as well as projects to help those whose livelihoods have been affected by the virus.

A group of Ratchaburi locals have exemplified what kindness looks like by setting up a roadside kitchen with free food available to any passersby.

We take a closer look at how they’ve restored our faith in humanity and brought cheer to the community.

Communities in Thailand aiding each other:

Free food that cater to all tastes 

From snacks and curries to beverages, many locals in Ratchaburi banded together to cook free meals for those in need.

Aiming to give away enough meals for at least 200 – 300 people, chefs who participated made multiple dishes that cater to all tastes. 

Ratchaburi Locals Open A Roadside Kitchen To Treat Strangers To Free Meals
Image credit: Naewna

Their roadside kitchen was located along Petchkasem Road in Ratchaburi.

In order to attract the attention of motorists or any passerby, they deployed a volunteer to hold up a free food sign by the busy road.

A meaningful operation to aid everyone

These kind chefs’ actions have even attracted the attention of the local government.

The virus has heavily affected the local community within the province, confirmed Ms. Naparat Kewngam, Chief Assistant in the Ratchaburi district, with Naewna

Ratchaburi Locals Open A Roadside Kitchen To Treat Strangers To Free Meals
Image credit: Naewna

Reaching out to those who remain in quarantine, are hospitalised, or unemployed, are the main reasons for the locals’ initiative to aid as many people as possible.

We think that these are definitely heartwarming reasons behind this meaningful project worth commending.

Covid-19 hasn’t broken our spirits

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down, but it has yet to break the spirits of these locals and other kind-hearted individuals.

Their response to the aftermath gives us hope and spreads a little positivity in the midst of the pandemic.

How is your community responding to the Covid-19’s impact? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Cover images adapted from: Naewna

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