Meal giveaways during Covid-19

Ever since the start of the pandemic, there have been stories of locals performing acts of kindness, like giving cooking and donating free meals.

Many migrant workers in Thailand have lost their jobs during the recent spike of Covid-19 cases. Two women responded to their plight by providing them with free meals in Samut Prakan Areas.

Thai eateries give free meals to migrant workers

Ms. Chatthamon Singtankong, owner of Krua Mueng Petch, heard that a food vendor in her neighborhood refused to serve a migrant worker. 

Krua Muang Petch-Free Meals For Migrant Workers


Attention, Migrant workers around Pracha Uthit-Wat Ku Srang Rd who don’t have money to buy food or have had food vendors who to serve you. You can come to Krua Muang Petch from 6AM-7PM, and we’ll give you food for free. Our number is 061-773741, Chattamon. Krua Muang Petch welcomes all.

Screenshot: ฉัจธมน สิงห์ตาลกง

The post sparked anger in Ms. Singtankong, prompting her to announce on Facebook that she’s giving away free meals to recently unemployed migrant workers. 

Giveawaysupply-Free Meals for Migrant Workers
Local shows support by donating rice to Krua Mueng Petch
Image credit: ฉัจธมน สิงห์ตาลกง

Many admired her big heart, and continue to support her initiative by supplying cooking materials.

Ms. Singtankong’s story also inspired others to do the same. Ms. Saowanee Saetier, owner of the beef noodle restaurant, Go Hub Gold, shared in a Facebook post that migrants can eat for free at her restaurant starting on 26th December, as reported by Khaosod English. She wrote the post in both Thai and Burmese. 

Gohub-Free Meals for Migrant Workers


From today until Covid-19 is over, migrant workers who were refused from other vendors or are unable to afford meals, you can get  free meals at Go Hub Gold at Soi Pracha Uthit 90. Please share the news and you tell our staff that you’re here for the free meals.

Screenshot: โกฮับ GOLD ประชาอุทิศ90

One netizen voiced that they want to support her cause.

gohub netizen-free meals for migrant workers

Translation:  I’d like your bank account details to support your kind act. I want to give out some encouragement to all migrant workers out there.

palmoil-free meals for migrant workersPalm Oil Company, Pung, donates palm oil to Go Hub Gold
Image credit: โกฮับ GOLD ประชาอุทิศ90

Like with Ms. Singtankong, there are others who are helping Ms. Saetier out by donating supplies. 

Give out a helping hand

Right now, times are really tough, especially for those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic. It’s important to spread kindness to everyone.

Plus, you never know who’s facing a personal battle, and it never hurts anyone to be kind.

Featured images adapted from: ฉัจธมน สิงห์ตาลกง, โกฮับ GOLD ประชาอุทิศ90

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