Girls pay for new phone in coins

girls save money for new phone
Images adapted from: Jang Juta’a, Thairath

As a kid, getting a new phone was basically like Christmas. But of course, it usually had a lot to do with us begging our parents to buy it for us – and lots of promises about getting good grades and not using it for more than 1 hour a day. 

But for these 2 sisters in Thailand, asking their parents wasn’t even something they considered. Instead, they tirelessly saved up their piggy bank money – in coins, no less – to buy a new phone for themselves. 

Saved up to ฿4,999 for their new phone

Last week, Facebook user Jang Juta’a posted a photo of the girls and shared this heartwarming story. She was working an Oppo outlet at her local Big C when the 2 girls came in to get an Oppo A5, which cost ฿4,999 (~USD165).

After she brought out the phone for them, she was surprised when one of the girls brought out a whole bunch of coins to pay for it. The elder sister then shared that they had saved up the money all on their own. 

girls save money for new phone oppo
Image credit: Jang Juta’a

Ms. Jang wrote in her post that she was surprised and extremely touched by their actions, commending the girls for knowing what they wanted and saving up for it. She then ended her post by hoping they would always be as patient as they are today. 

Didn’t want to bother parents

A few days after the story broke, reporters visited the girls at their school in Surat Thani to find out the reason behind their sweet actions. 

They met Bai Khao, 14, and Ruang Khao, 4, who explained that they had saved up the money on their own as they didn’t want to burden their parents. Although they didn’t come from a poor family, the sisters still felt that it was their responsibility to save up for a new phone after the found out their old phone was broken. 

girls save money for new phone bai khao
Bai Khao and her teachers at school
Image credit: Thairath

Their teachers were extremely proud of the girls and also praised their parents for raising their kids well. 

Bai Khao then spoke of her experience when she went to get the phone with her sister and mom. “We brought our savings that were made up of ฿2, ฿5, and ฿10 coins, together with some bills. I asked the store if they would accept our coins or not,” she said. 

The school’s director then shared that they had known that the girls were saving their money. Turns out, they bought the phone in order to use it for educational purposes, which is allowed at their school. 

Warmed the hearts of many online 

Needless to say, netizens had nothing but good things to say about this situation. 

girls save money for new phone comment 1

Translation: It’s so lovely that they both know how to save money.

girls save money for new phone comment 2

Translation: Super cute! You 2 are great.

girls save money for new phone comment 3

Translation: Both of you are awesome. How can I teach my child to do this?

These little girls have taught us all a lesson about being patient and working hard for the things we want – and we hope they carry on as they get older.

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