Run, Beam, Run

Running Girl

Images adapted from: AISSarnrak

Sarnrak, a series dedicated to helping cover inspiring stories of Thai youth, recently released a story on Sasitorn “Beam” Panasan from Northern Thailand’s Nan Province. The 14-year-old has been taking part in mini-marathons to raise money to support her family as well as to save up for her own tuition fees.

Has been running since Grade 1

Beam's Family

Beam and her family
Image adapted from: AISSarnrak

Beam began running when she was just in Grade 1 in order to get some prize money to help support her family members, which include her grandmother, younger siblings, and parents, both of whom work as labourers in their village. 

She’s also joined many running competitions around the northern Thai region, participating in short-distance races that span 100-200m and even district mini-marathons ranging from 3-5km. As her house is located up in the mountains, she has to stay at her school’s dormitory on the weekdays in order to train for her runs. 


Image adapted from: AISSarnrak

“It makes me diligent,” Beam says about her strict practice schedule. She wakes up at 5AM everyday, and staying in the dorm allows her to focus. 

Works at a strawberry field in her free time

On top of her marathons, Beam also works at an organic strawberry field when she’s back home. This is also part of her training, as she has to jog 3km up the mountain to get to work. Locals have recognised the little girl for her perseverance, commending her for working hard even though she doesn’t get a day of rest. 


She earns ฿100-฿150 a day at the strawberry fields
Image adapted from: AISSarnrak

Beam also expressed that she has felt like giving up during tough times, but keeps going in order to achieve her dreams. “My determination can help me overcome any obstacle,” she says.

“When I run, I always think that the finish line is not far away. Since it’s not too far, I’m motivated to reach the goal.” 

Running Race

Image adapted from: AISSarnrak

Her dream to one day be a teacher gives her the motivation she needs to be a track athlete at her school. 

Supporting a little girl’s big dreams

Beam has recently received an education scholarship to aid her till she earns her undergraduate degree, and to help provide support for her family. 

Sarnrak is a community project by Thai telco AIS, which has been helping over families all across Thailand. You can keep up with them on their Youtube channel to follow up on their stories and even lend a helping hand. For more information on how you can do your part, check out their website here

We hope to see Beam, a little girl with a big dream, succeed and become the teacher she has always dreamed of being.