Thai man throws village celebration for children

village celebration for children

Images adapted from: Thairath,ด.ช.บันเทิง ศรีคะรัน

It’s true that education is a huge investment. It requires financial support for various things like tuition fees, and carries on for many years of a child’s life. Nevertheless, the end result is usually worth it, thanks to the happiness of our biggest supporters – our parents. 

This is a story of a father in Thailand who took up odd jobs like being a farmer or undertaker just to support his children’s studies. Today, his son has graduated with a PhD and his daughter holds a Master’s degree. 

“Their graduation is more valuable than winning the lottery.”

On 22 October 2019, Somboon Srikaran opened his house and welcomed guests to celebrate the graduation of both his children. His son, Banteng, had recently graduated with a PhD from his university’s faculty of engineering and his daughter had received a Master’s degree. 

uncle somboon house

Image credit: Thairath

Everyone from Uncle Somboon’s relatives, friends, and neighbours were invited for the get-together at his home in Plutiew Village, located in Thailand’s Songkla province. 

uncle somboon village celebration for children

Image credit: ด.ช.บันเทิง ศรีคะรัน

He said that he was really proud of his children for their achievements. “To me, their graduation is more valuable than winning the lottery.” 

Saved up so children could study whatever they wanted

Uncle Somboon shared that he worked as a farmer as he had a diploma in agriculture. He also worked as an undertaker as a part-time job to save up more money for his children. He spent his life working to save money as he wanted them to study whatever they wanted, and is now extremely happy for his children. 

uncle somboon and his son

Uncle Soomboon and his son, Banteng Srikaran
Image credit: Thairath

Dr. Banteng, his son, added that he sometimes found his studies really tiring. However, he felt encouraged to keep going every time he thought about his father’s hard work. 

Today, he holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Mining Engineering from Prince of Songkla University. 

banteng srikaran

Image credit: ด.ช.บันเทิง ศรีคะรัน

While it’s true that money is important in terms of education, the hard work and earnestness in our journey is more significant. Plus, our family also plays a big part in giving us inspiration and motivation to keep going, just like team work. Education is also a great tool not just for future opportunities, but something we can use to give back to our folks as well. 

Shoutout to all parents out there who work hard to support the dreams of their children!

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