Girl From Nowhere cases in real life

Netflix series Girl From Nowhere tells the story of “Nanno”, a student with mysterious powers who works to show the cracks in society through the lens of school systems, young adult friendships and the pressures that youth face. 

The chilling plotlines and many twists and turns have drawn the attention of many viewers, who have speculated whether these tales are rooted in real cases.

We’ve compiled a list of Thai court cases that fans say inspired different Girl From Nowhere episodes below.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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1. The Ugly Truth – teachers taking advantage of students

In the series’ pilot, Nanno exposes some heinous crimes occurring at what is said to be “The Purest School Of The Year”. After introducing the audience to the teacher said to be responsible for the school’s title, Nanno reveals that the educator has been assaulting and filming his students partaking in sexual acts.

Image credit: Sanook

Netizens said the episode was reminiscent of a 2016 case involving Suankularb Wittayalai School, which is said to be Thailand’s oldest and most prestigious public school. According to Khaosod English, one of their teachers was charged with sexually assaulting, filming and distributing child pornography.

girl-from-nowhereImage credit: Bangkok Post

Just like in the episode, students from Suankularb Wittayalai also questioned whether anyone would’ve taken action against the educator if the school’s reputation wasn’t at stake. 

2. Pregnant – the repercussions of unwanted pregnancies for young girls and boys

Thai actor, Teeradon “James” Supapunpinyo, who is best known for his role as “Pat” from Bad Genius plays “Nanai”, Nanno’s target, in this episode. 

girl-from-nowhereImage credit: News Breezer

Nanai is notorious for getting girls in his school pregnant, and expecting them to “take care of it” whilst continuing to live his life without consequences. However, things take a turn when he has to go through a pregnancy.  

girl-from-nowhereWomen face social repercussions from unexpected pregnancies, but physical pain and suffering take centre stage in the episode
Image credit: News Breezer

Fans speculate that “Pregnant” is a form of social commentary on the prevalence of unsafe abortion procedures in Thailand. Out of 300,000 women who have undergone unauthorised abortions, up to 100,000 of them have suffered complications with long-lasting effects, including death.

It’s also important to note that abortion in Thailand was only legalised in 2020.

3. Minnie and the Four Bodies – #Praewa9Corpses

Whilst driving to pick up her friend for a night out, Minnie is seen taking swigs out of a bottle and holding up her phone to video chat with her pal. She then crashes into a pickup truck.

girl-from-nowhereMinnie’s father removes the bottle from her car, provides her with a lawyer and lies on national television to help her avoid jail time.
Image credit: Cosmopolitan Philippines 

While Minnie’s actions caused four deaths, she receives a very lenient sentence thanks to her affluent and well-connected father. 

girl-from-nowhereImage credit: Chiang Rai Times

The story is awfully similar to the case of 17-year-old Orachorn “Praewa” Thephasadin Na Ayudhya, who killed nine people in a motor accident she caused whilst driving without a license on a tollway. 

After the courts sentenced Praewa to community service and zero jail time, netizens took to twitter to criticise their leniency with the hashtag #แพรววา9ศพ, which translates to “#Praewa9Corpses”.

4. Liberation – “crime” and unfair punishment

In “Liberation”, Nanno enrolls in a school where rules, conformity and hierarchy are key. The episode is even shot in black and white to highlight “taboo” practices like wearing vivid colours of lipstick.

As for their attire, students higher in the hierarchy are clad in tops with more elaborate sleeves. 

Screenshot: @bbbbbb07812687

Translation: “When you see a senior posting the same story as you when they’re the ones using the system to their advantage.”

Fans drew a connection between the episode and the recently popular hashtag #โรงเรียนหญิงล้วนชื่อดังย่านอโศก that translates to “A famous all-girls school in Asok”. The hashtag is said to be alluding to Wattana Wittaya Academy, a Christian all-girls boarding school established back in 1878. 

Netizens appear to be voicing their disdain via the hashtag against strict rules and the punishments received for such “infractions”. 

girl-from-nowhereA list of actions that can cause students to lose 20 points. The highlighted text suggests that using a phone or computer to contact anyone outside school is against the rules.
Image credit: @hdpersuithdpese

“Liberation” also shows instances of corporal punishment, like a teacher using pliers to remove Nanno’s piercings. Redditors speculate that this is related to an incident last year, when footage of a kindergarten teacher assaulting eight students surfaced. 

5. SOTUS – the dangers of hazing

SOTUS is an acronym for “Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, and Spirit” and it serves as the motto for a long-standing tradition of senior students hazing younger ones as part of the “orientation” process.  

Kay, a university student who conducts unsafe, dehumanising and downright grotesque hazing rituals for his juniors, is exposed by Nanno who returns the favor.

After “killing” Nanno, Kay moves to a new university where seniors force him to act like a dog – he has to fetch a toy, and even sleep in a cage.
Image credit: Line Today

Fans are convinced “SOTUS” alludes to injuries and deaths that have occurred during these rituals. Last year, a student was forced to run laps with no water breaks as punishment and eventually died from exhaustion. 

6. The Judgement – using your child’s “illness” for donations

In the Season Two finale, Nanno navigates the complex lives of wheelchair-bound Junko and her mother, Waan. 

Whilst cutting paper, Junko accidentally gets a cut. This draws the attention of her classmates who inform Nanno that she has haemophilia, and thus needs to be rushed to the infirmary. They also donate to a page dedicated to raising money for Junko’s medical treatments. 

Image credit: IDN Times

Eventually, we find out that Waan has been injecting her daughter with weakening agents to keep her “monster” daughter from murdering any more people. She’s also secretly saved the donation money to compensate the families hurt by Junko. 

girl-from-nowhereImage credit: Khaosod 

Last year, a woman was accused of poisoning her two-year-old son in order to gain donations from sympathetic netizens. She allegedly received more than ฿10,000,000 (~USD318,000) which she claimed would be used for her son’s medical bills, reported Khaosod.

A medical examination later revealed that her son had no pre-existing conditions, but showed signs of ingesting poison.

Bonus: Trap – Loosely based on a knife incident in 2005

In “Trap”, students were forced to hide from an unseen murderer wielding a knife. Trapped within a classroom with a teacher and her fellow students, Nanno stirs the pot, leading them to suspect one another. 

girl-from-nowhereImage credit: Dek-D

The episode is said to be loosely based on a case from 2005, when Ms. Jitlada Tantiwanichayasuk was arrested for allegedly stabbing four students. Fortunately, the children recovered.  

girl-from-nowhereImage credit: STR/AFP via Getty Images via Reddit 

According to Thai Visa Forum, the 31-year-old woman was confirmed to be mentally unstable and has since been placed in the care of an institution. Other posts on the forum mention that she injured the students because she “abhorred the rich” and that she was acting on instruction given to her by a “voice from heaven”.   

Unravel the mysteries of Girl From Nowhere

In addition to putting Thai filmmakers on the map, Girl From Nowhere made a bold move in acknowledging issues that had long been swept under the rug. Addressing the predicaments that the younger generation face will hopefully draw more attention, as well as probe audience members to look for solutions. 

The show has gained a large viewing, and is trending across multiple social media platforms like TikTok.

i would never go back #fyp #xyzbca #nanno #girlfromnowhere #drama #school

i would never go back #fyp #xyzbca #nanno #girlfromnowhere #drama #school

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Whilst fans have been able to connect the dots between IRL cases and Girl From Nowhere episodes, they have yet to figure out who – or what – exactly is Nanno.

Do you have any theories about who she is? Tell us in the comments section. 

Cover images adapted from (clockwise from top left): IDN Times, Doomagon

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