Creative coffins in Ghana   

Thai people used to believe that one shouldn’t order or design coffins before a funeral as it’s seen as “inviting” death. 

However, this has since changed, and younger generations have become less superstitious, as seen in things such as funeral themed cafes

The Republic of Ghana also has different designs of coffins to choose ranging from animals, luxury cars, to dream houses. This aims to fulfil the needs and dreams of the deceased as a last goodbye. 

Some designs cost over $1,000

Funerals are one of the important ceremonies in Ghana, as it’s the last chance for families and friends to say goodbye to their loved ones. And for Ghanaian people, funerals don’t need to be filled with sadness and sorrow.

You might be familiar with this popular meme that showed pallbearers dancing along to EDM music, most famously known as the coffin dance. These dancers actually hail from Ghana, and host funerals with added elements of fun and entertainment.  

Quirky Coffins in Ghana
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To help bring the feeling of happiness to the ceremony, one coffin business came up with the idea of fancy coffins to fulfil the dreams and wishes that the deceased might not have been able to live out while alive.

Quirky Coffins in GhanaImages adapted from: เรื่องสยองขวัญกับคดีฆาตกรรม

There are tons of coffin designs offered, like giant animals, cars, houses, fruits, and more. Some coffins seem to represent jobs and interests, like a fire engine and a Bible. 

Some designs cost over $1,000, which is quite expensive compared to the income rate in the country, but people are still willing to pay for the perfect funeral. 

Quirky Coffins in GhanaImage credit: เรื่องสยองขวัญกับคดีฆาตกรรม

During the ceremony, family and friends will carry the coffin around and “dance” to music, as if they’re at a festival. 

Quirky Coffins in GhanaImages adapted from: เรื่องสยองขวัญกับคดีฆาตกรรม

Funeral culture around the world

This is a popular send-off in the country, and it’s getting more sought after as people want to send their loved ones to heaven with happiness.

Preparing for your funeral ceremony and getting ready to say goodbye to the world isn’t as frowned upon anymore, and many look at it as a way to remain conscious of our mortality.

Do you want to design your own unique coffin? Let us know how you’d like yours to be! 

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Featured image adapted from: เรื่องสยองขวัญกับคดีฆาตกรรม

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