Man pretends to be corpse for coffin review

Image adapted from: Nonts Khawpod-on

In the era of internet influencers, there are reviews for every product on earth – well, almost. We would never think that products involving the dead like coffins would have – or need – a review. 

Well, we might need to rethink that, since this hilarious guy made a video of him reviewing coffins, going on to break the Thai internet 

On 19th September 2019, a freelance graphic designer named Nonts Khawpod-on posted a promo video he did for a funeral shop in Pathum Thani. With it, the caption read: “How do you know you’ve chosen the best for them?” 

man pretends to be corpse to review coffin
Image credit: Nonts Khawpod-on

In the video, Mr. Nonts is seen tied up as a corpse in a Thai-style casket and washed with fresh coconut water according to Thai funeral rites. He’s then pushed into – brace yourself claustrophobic folks –  a real narrow cremation stand.

The video has gained more than 3.8 million views and more than 60,000 shares since.

man pretends to be corpse 2
This is legit – way too legit!
Image credit: Nonts Khawpod-on

Thinks there is nothing to fear about death

Mr. Nonts revealed to Dailynews Online that his creativity is often weird, which makes him stand out from others. In contrast to typical Thai beliefs where it is said that the living shouldn’t be playing with death as its inauspicious, he said that he views death as a part of the natural life cycle, thus there being nothing to be scared about. 

man reviews coffin in thailand
Image credit: Nonts Khawpod-on

Before making the video, Mr. Nonts asked the owner of the funeral shop for permission to film his concept video and it was easily granted. The shop owner told Dailynews that their sales has been going up ever since the video went viral – they were right to agree to the video after all!

Mr. Nonts has been “playing” with death since 2018

This is not the first time Mr. Nonts put the concept of death in his creative work. Last year, he’d launched a series of scary photos on Facebook, in which he modelled as his own spirit wandering around his own funeral – nope nope nope!

The photoshoot also went viral with over 7,000 shares and more than 3,000 comments.

nonts khawpod-on
Images adapted from: Nonts Khawpod-on

Judging from the funeral shop’s increasing sales, we’re certain that Mr. Nonts will definitely get more clients his way. He proves that thinking outside of the box – or coffin in this case – can draw people’s attention to such an ordinary product.

Who knows, the dead might turn their heads in amazement too!