Temple accommodations shook up a quarantined man in Trang 

quar coffin cover

Images adapted from: Thai Post and Matichon

With the lockdown hopefully lifting soon, people still get reminded of why the government imposed safety measures in the first place.

A man in Trang found death staring back at him as he quarantined himself in a nearby temple.

There was a coffin in his room

quar coffin empty

Image credit: Matichon

On 10th May, 27-year-old Rittichai On-chart was sent to Wat Phra Puttakosi, a temple in the Trang province currently being used to quarantine possible COVID-19 infectees. Unfortunately for Mr. On-chart, there was an empty coffin sitting in the middle of his room.

quar coffin FB

Image credit: Matichon

Translation: Really? Quarantined with a coffin? That’s not very reassuring. Please share this post.

Mr. On-chart shared photos of the coffin on Facebook to express his unsettling experience. Having a coffin in his room didn’t ease him from the horrors of the pandemic.

But as it turns out, the empty coffin was there simply because the temple had no better place to keep it.

Officials felt sorry for Mr. On-chart and sent him home to continue his self-quarantine rather than spend another night with the coffin. The coffin is still in the room but hidden better for future tenants, that is, of the room.

Things can only get better

On a positive note, there are zero deaths reported in the country as of yesterday. With the lockdown lifting soon, sharing a room with a coffin seems less grim.

One person got quite the reminder and will think twice before risking his health again.

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