Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe in Ari

kid mai death cafe

Everyone dies. That’s the truth, but it’s scary for a lot of us to think about. And if you’re having a tough time imagining that ever happening, then Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe will do just the trick.

This bizarre death-themed cafe is located just 1 minute from Ari BTS and has props like skeletons, surgery-themed rooms, and an actual real-life coffin waiting for you to sit in. You might even leave with a new perspective on death – that, and a bunch of delicious drinks in your tummy. 

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Ambience at Death Awareness Cafe

Before you enter the actual cafe space itself, you will find yourself walking along a dark alley with signs hanging from the ceilings, with questions like “Are you tired today?” and “What’s the purpose of your life?”

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe

As I made my way in, I found myself thinking about my own life – is there anything I needed to do? What if I had to die tomorrow?

And judging from its name, we expected the cafe to look gloomy and scary. However, this wasn’t the case when we got in. There were some sections of the cafe that were dark and mysterious like the entrance alley, but there’s nothing to be afraid of for the rest.

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe
There is a mist spray all over the cafe that adds a mysterious vibe to the place

The cafe is split into 2 main parts: indoors (with air-con) and outdoors. It can get pretty hot around noon, so we recommend sitting indoors during the day. If you need to use a toilet, don’t forget to ask the staff for a password which will be required before you enter the restrooms here. 

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe
People can pen down their thoughts on life on this wall

kid mai death awareness cafe

Image credit: @jahxyk

The highlight here is definitely the full-sized traditional Thai coffin that’s smack in the middle of the cafe. You can actually get into the coffin for a one-of-a-kind photo experience. In fact, Thai superstition believes that when we get out of a coffin, we’re “removing” our bad luck and leaving it behind for a better life ahead. 

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe

And that’s not it – you will even get out of the coffin with ฿5 on your drink! The cafe has certain activities you can be a part of to get discounts such as:

  • Like and share Facebook page: ฿5 discount
  • Pick a card and answer a random question: ฿5 discount
  • Do activities in a cafe like writing your wills, designing your own funeral, or expressing your goals: ฿5 discount
  • Lay in a coffin: ฿5 discount

Must-try signature drinks

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe

Death and Born

On the menu, you will find 4 of their signature drinks that are aptly named after the various stages of human life: Born, Elder, Painful, and Death. Each cup is meant to have its own meaning related to these stages too. We decided to go with the 2 extremes – Born and Death. 

Born (฿120) comes with layers of strawberry syrup, jelly, and soda, and is topped with “popping” boba pearls, a cherry, and a sprig of rosemary. The drink is meant to represent the beginning of life, which explains the colour and refreshing taste of the fruity soda.

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe
The graphics on the cup also play on the theme of life with abstract imagery of a uterus 

We liked how the fizzy soda toned down the sweet strawberry syrup, making it a great drink to have on a hot day. 

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe

The 2nd drink we went with was Death (฿150), but don’t worry – the drink doesn’t have anything to do with dying. This is actually a cocoa frappe with decadent toppings like smooth whipped cream, cocoa powder, an Oreo cookie, Kit Kat, and a Pocky stick. We loved how it wasn’t too sweet even with all the goodies on top. This is definitely a must-have for chocolate lovers.

For now, the cafe does not sell food or pastries, but the ambience and drinks are a pretty good reason to come and check this place out anyway. The staff here are also really helpful and also spent time talking to us about the cafe. 

Interesting cafe to visit in Bangkok

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe
Lots of props and rooms to take photos when here

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe aims to make people think more about the concept of death to make us realise that it’s around us all the time. Plus, it also makes its guests think more about the good things to do while still alive.

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe
Don’t forget to take a picture with their resident skeleton before leaving!

It’s quite a heavy topic for an otherwise fun cafe to feature, which makes it a really interesting place to visit. And if that is too morbid for you, just come here to get some quirky IG shots instead.

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe
Address: 1191 Phahonyothin Rd, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400.
Opening Hours: 9AM – 7PM, Daily
Nearest Train Station: Ari BTS Station (Exit 1)
Telephone: +66 63 324 4519

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