Man padlocks genitalia & loses the key

Being stuck indoors is bound to negatively affect one’s thought process, especially when circumstances are essentially forcing us to avoid social interactions.

This situation has led to people trying to find excitement elsewhere. While some have turned to TikTok and others have started baking, there are also those who have resorted to some unconventional methods of curing the stirs.

Take this 38-year-old Thai man, whose unique way of curbing his boredom ultimately led to him permanently impairing his “friend”.

Below is the story of how one’s desire for temporary excitement led to long-term damage.

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Man padlocks genitalia and has to get the device professionally removed

To curb his boredom, a 38-year-old man in Bangkok padlocked his penis. Unfortunately, he lost the key. The unnamed individual then tried – unsuccessfully – to remove the lock for two weeks, before consulting medical professionals to unfasten the lock, according to reports from 10th August 2021.

By the time they were able to free his phallus with an electric cutter, the long-term effects of having one’s genitalia stuck in a confined space had already set in.

genitalia-padlocksIt took doctors 30 minutes to free the man’s penis from the padlock.
Image credit: Daily Mail

The man’s penis was swollen, as well as infected. Hospital staff assured the man that he would regain function in the organ, but that its functionality wouldn’t be to the same level as before the incident, reported Today Online.

They further noted that if the padlock had stayed on longer, the man could’ve developed gangrene.

His mother had to intervene

Before heading to the hospital, the man informed his mother of the situation.

He informed her that his actions were driven by boredom, and a desire to place his phallus through small cavities.

She states that she was “embarrassed” by her son’s actions.

We hope he is healthy

We’re glad to hear that the man’s penis was successfully freed. While the lockdown is still ongoing, we’re hopeful that he will find other ways to relieve his boredom.

It’s vital that we make our mental health a priority during situations like these, as being stuck indoors can lead to impaired judgement. We’d recommend adopting a fur-baby if you’re in need of some extra company.

Cover image adapted from: Barron Imports (Left), Daily Mail (Right) 

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