Smile Dog Cafe closes down

Over the past couple of years, we’ve heard about many businesses closing down as a result of the pandemic: no matter if it’s our favourite local restaurant or even Oscar Apartment, a famous horror movie shooting location.

Now, it seems that pet cafes are seeing the same effects. Just a few days ago, a dog cafe in Chiang Mai announced its end with a message that they’re looking for eligible dog parents to their pups home.

Here’s what Smile Dog Cafe has to say as well as what they’re looking for in potential owners.

What’s happening in Thailand:

Smile Dog Cafe will open until the end of August

On 2nd August 2021, Smile Dog Cafe in Chiang Mai has decided to close down after being impacted by the pandemic for over a year. The news was shared onto their Facebook page with a heartfelt message that they’ve never once regretted opening the establishment, as reported by Kapook.

smile dog cafe
Image credit: Smile Dog Cafe คาเฟ่หมาเชียงใหม่

Due to the high costs that come with caring for pets, they had no other choice but to put their journey to a stop.

Image credit: @wannalak_smile

Those who want to have one last playtime with the furry companions – from Pomeranians and Pugs to French Bull Dogs and Siberian Huskies – can visit the shop until the end of August.

28 pups on the search for new homes

The announcement of their closing was accompanied by a messaging stating that the cafe’s 28 dogs are looking for new homes.

Their message includes a set of requirements for future owners detailed as follows:

  1. Has a deep affection for dogs and are committed to keeping them for a lifetime
  2. Own a home with a large area for them to run around
  3. Will not accept any dog farm or breeder
  4. Has enough money to care for the dog(s)
  5. Must give an update every month for a total of 6 months
  6. Those who put down a deposit and follow the rules will get their money back after 6 months

In another post, Smile Dog Cafe also stated that those who are interested must make an appointment via a phone call and register at the shop bringing three documents: copies of their ID card and house registration, as well as four to five pictures of their homes.

The post provides a sign up form and contract for those who are interested.
Image credit: Smile Dog Cafe คาเฟ่หมาเชียงใหม่

As of now, they appear to have reached the maximum capacity of applicants. However, those who really want to take one of these pups home will be glad to hear that Smile Dog Cafe will open up another round this 9th to 10th August.

So, get your phones ready to call these numbers, +66-98-313-7051 or +66-62-304-2666, when the day comes.

One journey ends, another begins

Although our Chiang Mai peers are likely be sad to hear that one of their favourite go-to dog cafes is coming to end, the good news is the fact that these doggos will now be embarking into a new journey in their lives.

Before that happens, we hope that both Smile Dog Cafe and their customers will have a blast with the dogs to create memories that they can keep with them forever.

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Cover images adapted from (L-R): Smile Dog Cafe คาเฟ่หมาเชียงใหม่, @wannalak_smile

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