Cat listed on GrabFood menu

While ordering food straight to your door through an app has been an option for a while, getting meals delivered is now more of an everyday ritual due to the current situation.

With so many options available, restaurants have had to get creative to edge out the competition. One joint presented an eye-catching tactic – they listed a cat on their GrabFood menu.

Who wouldn’t tip? Let’s see just how inviting the little cat is.

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Adorable cat’s picture used as a tipping incentive

Krua Nom Hok is a restaurant that’s known for its spicy dishes. While browsing through their extensive GrabFood menu on 8th August 2021, we stumbled upon an unlikely dish: a fluffy cat with outstretched arms that cost ฿1 (~USD0.03).

Cat Grab Food
Screenshot: GrabFood 

The feline is actually listed as “Tips for Baby Mon”.

So, while we added a couple of these to our basket, we unfortunately did not receive shaggy cats along with our order.

Krua Nom Hok lists cat on GrabFood menu

Upon sleuthing through their socials, we found that Krua Nom Hok has been this cat has been listed on their GrabFood menu since before 30th July 2021.

The restaurant dedicated a post thanking all “cat slaves” for tipping their Baby Mon.

Screenshot: ครัวนมหก

They also reassured that the kitchen staff have successfully fulfilled everyone’s requests to pass on an extra “belly rub” for Baby Mon.

Krua Nom Hok’s name is actually a double entendre. Directly translated, the restaurant’s name translates to “Kitchen of Spilled Milk”. However, its logo provides a different definition.

cat-listed-menuImage credit: ครัวนมหก

A paw-some marketing tactic

The restaurant’s post perfectly sums up the rationale behind their marketing tactic: most netizens are “cat slaves”.

What better way to appeal to the masses than to add a picture of a cuddly kitty who’s just trying to make it in this world?

Seeing Baby Mon definitely brought a smile to our faces, we’re sure it brought other customers some laughs too. Let’s make sure to keep supporting Baby Mon, his family, as well as all F&B personnel out there.

Cover image adapted from: ครัวนมหก (Left), ครัวนมหก (Right)

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