Tucson is a receptionist dog for Hyundai Motor Brasil

Tucson receptionist dog for HyundaiImages adapted from: @hyundaibr

Pets like cats and dogs are our good friends who always wait for all day just to play with us, but there are still people who decide to abandon them just because they don’t want them anymore or can’t afford to take care of them. Then, these poor animals end up in rescue shelters, or worse, abandoned on the streets. 

Some kind workers at a Hyundai car dealership in Brazil found an abandoned dog that was dying of starvation and came together to care for the doggo. Now, this little puppy “works” as a receptionist at the showroom. 

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First doggo receptionist at Hyundai

Tucson receptionist dog for HyundaiImage credit: @tucson_prime

Back in May 2020, a Hyundai staff member found an abandoned puppy in Ceará State and brought it to his workplace. 

Abandoned animalsImage credit: @tucson_prime

The manager, who also happened to be an animal lover, allowed the dog to stay and named it Tucson. Tucson was brought to a pet clinic for a health check and vaccinations. Hyundai staff also brought him food and toys, and have been taking care of him ever since.  

Tucson receptionist dog for HyundaiTucson even has his own staff tag 
Images adapted from: @hyundaibr

Tucson is well-behaved, friendly, and helpful, and he finally got a promotion to be a receptionist at the store. 

Abandoned animals
On serious duty guarding a car remote
Image credit: @tucson_prime

Follow the life of Tucson on Instagram 

Tucson receptionist dog for HyundaiImage credit: @tucson_prime

Tucson might have been left all alone due to his previous owners being in a difficult situation during the pandemic, but he now has a new life with a new loving family at Hyundai.

If you are a dog lover and want to know more about Tucson’s life, he has his own Instagram for fans to follow here

For all abandoned animals, one way we can help is to support pet rescue shelters, or if you have the time and capacity, adopt them and give these animals a new home, just like these people did.

Thank you for your help and support, Hyundai staff. Good luck with your work Tucson!

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