Dog keeps looking for owner after his death

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Dog owners can attest to a dog’s love and how they seem to always be there for emotional support when others cannot.

Since February, a dog named Xiao-Bao (“Little Treasure”) was seen in a Wuhan hospital lobby for three months, waiting for his owner to return.

The dog waited for his owner to return

HachiCOVID supermarket
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Xiao-Bao’s owner, a pensioner, was admitted in the Wuhan Taikang Hospital back in February, and reportedly passed away five days after due to the coronavirus.

His 7-year-old dog roamed the hospital lobby for 3 months, being fed by people in the hospital while still looking for his owner.

HachiCOVID lobby
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No matter what the hospital staff did, Xiao-Bao returned to wait at the hospital, even when they tried to drop him off in another place. It seems Xiao-Bao’s attachment to his owner is too strong to break.

His loyalty drew comparisons to Hachikō

HachiCOVID Hachiko
Image credit: Focus Cinéma

Xiao-Bao’s story of loyalty drew comparisons to another dog, Hachikō.

Hachikō was an Akita dog who famously waited at a train station for his owner for 9 years, living off of strangers’ kindness. His owner, Hidesaburō Ueno, had died from a cerebral hemorrhage, but Hachikō remained at the station until his own death.

Hachikō’s story inspired many books and media adaptations as a result, and demonstrates how loyal dogs were to their owners.

HachiCOVID Hachiko statue
Today, a bronze statue of Hachikō waits at the Shibuya Station
Image credit: Tripadvisor

HachiCOVID leash
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Ultimately, they took Xiao-Bao to an animal shelter, where they hope he will find a new owner. Only time will tell if he will be able to move on.

Animals need attention as well

Self-care is undoubtedly important right now, especially with the virus still looming. But people sometimes forget how the pandemic’s also affected animals, especially family dogs who are used to taking walks and close physical contact daily.

They need just as much care and attention as the people around us, so be sure to check up on your furry best friends.

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